You were in your 20s you passed your exams, got your degrees, and started life. Of course if you were from a middle class family you heard things like – you must save, you must buy a house, car, ….blah blah…

How does it get different in your 30s?

  1. False promises come home to roost:   I will save more when I have more money. Well now you have more money and you are telling yourself ‘when I have even more money, I will save more’. Well if you lie to yourself, your problem.
  2. Your goals have been pushed back by student loans!!
  3. You could not resist family pressure, so now you have a marriage loan, car loan and of course a housing loan
  4. You have no goals and are mostly trapped in regret of the past and worry about the future.
  5. You are earning more, paying more EMI, paying more taxes, but your ‘unearned’ income was a whole of Rs. 343 -savings bank interest that got credited to your account.
  6. Leave your job at 45? You gotta be kidding…your mortgage will be over by the time you are 54!
  7. Subra told you that an investment of Rs. 40 a day was enough to retire when you were 23. You started a SIP of Rs. 1500 per month – but at 29 instead of 23.
  8. You are paying more taxes, but you have less money at the end of the month, you have no money.
  9. You got married and your husband also saves well…but you are about to buy a house with a big mortgage…
  10. You thought your money will work for you…well you have still not put it to real hard work – so you do not know the impact!
  11. In your 20s you did not know where to invest, in the 30s you STILL do not know where to invest
  12. In your 20s you thought you had a long time for retirement, in your 30s you wish you had started 6 years ago!
  13. In your 20s you were proud to get a credit card. In your 30s you are glad you got rid of your credit card
  14. In your 20s you got 8 credit cards. In your 30s you are wondering were you mad to have got 8 cards too many!!
  15. You signed up some insurance policies…some lapsed some have less than what you put. In your 30s you know what not to buy!
  16. In your 20s you bought at every sale…in your 30s you wait for a sale and buy in only 1 sale..


well…there could be more …

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