Everybody earns money in life. Well almost everybody. However, not all people have the same attitude towards money. Money has to be earned, respected, taxes paid, spent  on oneself, saved, invested, loved, and also given for charity. Some people speak very badly about money – and these people are best avoided. You do not want to become like them, do you? If you are the average of the 5 people with whom you hang out, you wan to keep that 5 people to be of top class.

with 50+ years on the planet…here is an attempt to group people into ‘avoidable’ and ‘worth keeping’ ..The kind of people who are avoidable, are a few..

Permanent cribbers: those who crib about everything wrong with the world. These people do not know of anything good that happened since Moses parted the waters or since Ravana kidnapped Sita. Blaming others is a habit for this group. A terrible habit at that. “I do not earn enough money”, “My bankers did not give me working capital when I needed it” “My employees have no drive at all” . “I must be having the worst set of clients in the world” .

The Pity party sympathy seekers: God, talk to these guys about money and you will see amazing poverty. They are shopping for pity and sympathy. They soon get into such a group – where they will discuss who is more up shit creek than the other. They get immense pleasure in finding who is more miserable. They wallow in their pity, and it you add to it, they love you. They can crib about their time of birth, place of birth, parental neglect, early death of parents, childhood misery, how their parents choose their career, spouse..it is almost addicting. Do not add to the pity.

Ask them what is working for them. Are they happy with their marriage? job? kids? friends? push them to look at the positive things in their lives. If they want to come out of the pity cycle, they will. If they want to continue their pity ..they will not. However, they will surely avoid you from now on. You are not adding to their pity – so you cannot be a friend. Either way the end result is a good desired outcome. Enjoy the status

The Blame others Group: The can blame others for everything wrong in their lives. The parents, school, friends, the banker, the person who cheated them, the person who funded them, the person who did not fund them, the tax regime,  – the 1% of the world whom they know /met /….are to be blamed for all their woes!  These people are so focused on blaming others that they never assume responsibility or take control of their own lives. Never, is the operative word! Blaming the rich, talented, and successful people is an awful habit. Once you do that, it is impossible to be like them or even make an attempt. So God hears you loud and clear – ‘I do not want to be like these people I hate’. So God listens to their prayers. The more you stay with them the more that you are likely to be like them. So God will listen to YOUR prayers too. Get away from such people. Asap.

Stay positive and be happy. Understand that blaming is very energy sappig. When you blame other people for your misfortune, you are giving away your power to change what is wrong in your life.

The Super Jealous group. They are jealous of the whole world. “Kumaramangalam Birla was born rich” or ‘Sachin Tendulkar has so much talent”. Gimme a break guys. I am so happy that I am not in Mukesh. D. Ambani’s shoes. I have no clue whether I have the competence to handle that job! Do not be jealous of anybody. You do not know the whole package. Do you think you can handle the whole package of being a SRT? Will you practice 6 hours a day, everyday, for 25 years?

Avoid these groups. Talk to your friends. Can you see a pattern?

Remember. The mind needs to be cleaned and kept ready for positive thoughts. Stop filling it with negative thoughts from such idiots.

Enjoy your weekend. Or whatever is left…..

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  1. One of the best posts i have read all week.

    Just reminds me of Bruce Lee’s famous quote “To hell with circumstances, i create opportunities”

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