While on Social Media a couple of days ago I saw a news item about Urmila Matondkar’s wedding. Normally this would not have caught my attention as a news item, but I saw this one – and decided to read the comments.

They were so harsh!!

Imagine a girl/lady says ‘I am getting married / got married…’ you just say God Bless, right?

Here the comments were vicious – she has ruined her life,….etc. etc.

Then I saw another article about Reliance Jio – and the article was talking about license and the reference to Mukesh Ambani, was not just as Mukesh Ambani – the word – the Richest Indian was tagged along. In this article that tag was not necessary at all.

Voyeurism and subtle jealousy seems to be eating us. I was in a group where they were discussing somebody spending Rs. 2.4 crores  on his son’s wedding. One of the persons commented ‘the amount spent on a marriage is inversely proportional to the number of years that a marriage lasts’ – again this guy knew neither the boy nor the girl…just sheer plain subtle jealousy WHICH WE OURSELVES do not realize.

I once saw a kid take a stone and scratch a nice big car. Then I realized – we all do that do we not?

Look at the number of people calling Vijay Mallaya a failure. I am not here to support VM, but you have to understand that over the past 30+ years he has built his company into a powerhouse in the liquor business. A complete top dog.

Yes his mistakes include Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers and of course KIngfisher Airlines. I think his biggest mistake was that he did not have a top class management team. His biggest mistake was he was perhaps a poor judge of people. Nobody will be able to find out the role of his ‘top’ executives, and perhaps the amount of corruption in his operations. Too late perhaps. However, to call him a failure is great – but you are ignoring his marketing strengths.

When you see somebody successful, feel genuinely happy. I have been going through portfolios of various people – and realizing that I am not a judge of ‘should he have made so much money’ . My job is to clean a portfolio, not judge.

There are portfolios where 99% of the returns have come from 2-3 stocks in a portfolio of 100 shares.

There are portfolios where COMPOUNDERS have done better than their doctors. (so much for qualification)

In general, more activity has helped the broker more than the portfolio.

I am again and again convinced that it is not in the buying or in the selling that you make money in the equity markets, it is in the sitting tight that you make money. Of course what you buy is important, but sitting through bad times is far far more important. Ask those who sat on Asian Paints, Gillette, Nestle, ……..omg the list is jealously long.

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  1. Very well written Subra sir!
    Thanks for writing on this.
    The larger picture that this topic creates is perhaps one of the most important problem faced by our country.

    Social inequality and economic disparity!
    God knows how India will steer through that one.
    How will we create “good” jobs for so many young people?

    This inequality usually rears its head in many ways, mostly negative.
    Somewhere as subtle jealousy on social media, somewhere as crimes, like what we see on Savdhan India everyday,
    Somewhere as depression, somewhere as demand for reservation and somewhere as rioting.

    The one more thing i like about the stock market is that your portfolio is just a number on a statement.
    There is no flashy evidence and you can be worth millions and people dont have to know or be jealous !


  2. lakshminarasimman

    sir i dont know last 2 3 posts you are assuming too many things from one point and extrapolating too much

    like the girl in bank or amc who gave investment advice. how do you know she didnt mean no harm or gave with good intention because of no sales kra ? she is working in a bank or amc all staffs are trained in this matter and if they are really good intention they will say i dont know..

    again here nobody is jealous of urmila. people are harsh because from what i read in news she is 40+ and married some boy model 10 years younger. already cinema star marriages are comedy is this bigger comedy.

    vijay mallya nobody i am sure is jealous but people hate him because he didnt pay kingfisher employees salary for more than a year and top of that he is now getting 500+ crore

    last point about 2.4 crore marriage and the public comment.. that is bad taste and that fellow should have kept his mouth shut and just blessed the couple
    but there is some truth in it.. see venu srinivasan and narayanamurthy children marriage..

  3. Yesterday I saw it happen in front of me. I am a third person in this discussion as I am neither an employee nor a friend of this person. This person was an AVP at a firm and quit to join somewhere else as CEO. While he put down his papers and was serving his notice period all his colleagues stopped talking to him. He used to go to lunch with a large group but after his resignation ended up eating alone on most days.

    I have also commented (not online) about some things before in discussions. Now I realize it is jealousy that might have triggered it. This post has been an eye opener.

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