There is absolutely NOTHING wrong in writing sponsored posts. It makes a lot of money depending upon the reach. So I might make an X amount of money and an ET would make say 1000x for doing the same post. What I need to do is to put on top (or even better at the bottom in font size 7) and write a post.

What topics could I write on:

  • how ulips are the best products since sliced bread
  • why you should deal with bank Relationship managers only
  • why xyz mutual fund’s new product (being launched) is the best product to buy
  • top 4 mutual funds to invest
  • best ulip in the past 5 months / 12 months / 3 years – choose a number that suits the article
  • why ulips are more flexible than mutual funds
  • How you can earn tax free income from ulips
  • Tax planning using ulips for Keyman insurance

the list is endless and all these articles are at the top of my head – or at the tip of my finger. What I will lose is credibility. 99% OF THE people who read my blog miss the humor or kameena pan that I do. So people will start reading and acting and it will take them 3 years to know that they have been FOOLED. I would rather live with Google ads – and not make money. Or go to a sponsored banner…can live with earning less….Here is a ‘sponsored article’ paid for by the customer..and the writing has been out sourced.

Read this…..


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  1. lakshminarasimman

    sir more and more i recently realized everyone is desperate to take money from you in any form in any way. from government to low class lic agent to relatives to ads

    only we have to be careful and protect it

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