If I told you that if you had invested Rs. 10,000 in Wipro in 1980 and held it till now it would be worth Rs. 630 crores…it would be that. Perfectly accurate, but completely and totally useless piece of information.

This is also called Financial pornography.

It can excite you, but serve no purpose other than exciting you WITH useless info …and leave you no better than where you started.

Wanna see one? here it is…but before that please remember to comment:

  • how was the info useful?
  • what will you do with the info?
  • will you have the guts to do a sip in one of the funds?
  • what %age of your money will you commit if at all

Please, please comment on the blog and not on the FB post…thanks..


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  1. all one needs to do is choose suitable dates. Similar article can be written for large cap,small/MIDCAP,direct stocks,RE,cash etc to prove that it would have Been a superior a asset class during the the time period chosen!

  2. Absolutely… It’s idiotic seeing this data … There can b 100 other dump scripts against this one winner..

  3. Indeed. But Subra appreciate the gist of the article, suggesting limited exposure to such funds. No idea why such a well known author should have ventured for the write-up of the kind, perhaps the data vindicate the action. The less knowledgeable lot like your sincerely do go through such exposure routinely.

  4. I am running a SIP in Reliance media & Entertainment Fund.
    and it is doing so so.
    need to switch to Pharma or FMCG fund.
    I have seen some ex bank Wealth managers turned IFA recommending sector funds.

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