i have always said i am a fan of Modi and a fan of Equity…see how well he spoke about the economy..brilliant speech. Make notes and tweet about this.

what a speech. Sit with a paper and pen to take down the numbers…

Communication is rarely about language. It is about how well you know the subject, how involved you are, how passionate you are about the subject and then about language. See Na Mo’s speeches regarding the economy – full of facts, figures and passion. Pronunciation be damned. It touches hearts.



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  1. Mr. Prime Minister is on right track:

    Check the highlights of Modi governments work:

    > India’s highest ever urea fertiliser production was achieved in 2015
    > India’s highest ever production of ethanol as blended fuel, benefiting sugarcane farmers, was in 2015
    > The highest number of new cooking gas connections to the rural poor was achieved in 2015
    > India’s highest ever output of coal was achieved in 2015
    > India’s highest ever generation of electricity was achieved in 2015
    > India’s highest ever quantity of cargo handled by major ports was in 2015.
    > India’s fastest average turnaround time in ports was in 2015
    > India’s highest ever increase in railway capital expenditure was achieved in 2015
    > India’s highest ever number of new highway kilometres awarded was in 2015
    > India’s highest ever production of motor vehicles was achieved in 2015
    > India’s highest ever software exports were achieved in 2015
    > India’s highest ever rank in World Bank Doing Business Indicators, was achieved in 2015
    > India’s highest ever foreign exchange reserves were achieved in 2015

    It is important to remember that in the preceding years, many of these indicators were moving in the opposite direction. Not only have many indicators improved, but they have improved by large margins. For example, in 2013-14, the total number of National Highway kilometres awarded was about 3500. This more than doubled in the first year of this government to nearly 8000 kilometres, an all-time high. This year Govt is planning to award 10,000 kilometres. The Shipping Corporation of India which made a loss of Rs275 crore in 2013-14 made a profit of Rs201 crore in 2014-15. This is a turnaround of more than Rs450 crore in one single year.

    In 2013-14, India accounted for just 0.1% of global demand for energy efficient LED lighting. In 2015-16, it is 12%. Indian LED bulbs are now the cheapest and most competitive in the world, costing less than a dollar versus a global average of 3 dollars. In 2013-14, India commissioned 947 megawatts of solar power plants. In 2015-16, this will rise to over 2500 megawatts. It is expected to reach 12,000 megawatts in 2016-17. India’s share of the global solar energy market will rise from 2.5% in 2014 to 18% in 2016. India’s contribution here is not merely in increasing the share of clean energy. Its other contribution is that the huge increase in scale has enabled producers to cut prices benefitting the whole world. In 2013-14, 16,800 kilometres of transmission lines were added. In 2014-15 this rose to over 22,000, an increase of 32%. In the power sector as a whole, the cost of power has declined by over 30%.

    In addition to this,
    -> Swatchh Bharat is making Indians aware to keep the country clean.
    -> Jan Dhan Yojana, Crores of accounts are opened. It was sad to not that after 60 yrs of independence, there were so many people without bank accounts. With this scheme, they now have bank accounts, so they are in financial system. Direct benefit transfer to bank accounts are now a reality. Shame on Congress to not do it for these many years.
    -> Modified Crop Insurance scheme – Just read the terms and you will see how beneficial this scheme is for farmers
    -> Life insurance in Rs. 12 per year. Do I need to talk more about this?
    -> OROP – Implemented.
    -> Make in India – look at the FDI numbers and potential investments coming to India. Look at the boost for defence sector of India. Previous governments has not invested enough in defence due to which India Air force is currently not able to defend India in a potential bi-focal war. Indian government is now focussing a lot to improve this situation.
    -> Rural electification – Sad to note that even after 60 yrs of Independence, there are more than 10000 villages without electrification. Modi govt is going to complete this task. Check real-time status at: http://garv.gov.in/dashboard
    -> Digital India – Ration card digitization – 100% complete.
    People participation increased due to mygov website and various competitions on this website.
    -> Railways – Bullet train project – very vital to show the world that India is serious about development besides other benefits.
    Faster trains project. Clean railway initiative. irctc website upgrade etc.

    Modiji haven’t taken a single leave in more than 2 years and works tirelessly for India. I am sure, a lot of things are to be done, but this govt is surely doing work better than any Indian govt till date.

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