real estate is the best investment. There is no risk at all in Real estate. You are guaranteed to get 25% p.a. for the next 200 years.

However when you invest in a flat you get the best deals when you buy in a under construction property you may not get what you wanted.

Is this a serious problem? The answer is yes.

Why do we not hear such stories on the national media? sheer money power.

read on..

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  1. Mr Vincent Sequeira

    Mr Subramanyam,

    How are you? Is there a remote possibility that I could get in touch with you as I am in need of a financial adviser – I live in Mumbai and would Like to get in touch with you regarding the same.

    Will await your kind reply!

    Vincent Sequeira

  2. For every 10 good apples there will be one rotten one..
    For every 10 gud RE stories there will be one bad one (or two)..
    But For every 1 gud Stocks there will be 10 bad ones..
    & For every 1 gud performing MF 10 will go bad..

    On online you will only hear about the 1 gud stock & MF (nothing about the other 10 bad) but when it comes to RE you will only hear about the 1 bad project (nothing about the other 10 gud ones)

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