i would never have posted this story…but man has such an ego, that it needs to be crushed. Remember God keeps OUR karma account and he is a good accountant and he does not make a mistake.

We build a house on the land that we buy..it does not mean somebody cannot stand in the plot of land next to ours.

However a dog cannot be punished for having puppies NEAR OUR HOUSE.

Personally I am not a big fan of stray dogs. I do not like strays because they can cause fear in old people and children. I will not feed strays and I expect my neighbors to feed strays outside our colony. However, I will not ever throw a stone at a stray – surely not with the intention of hitting it. I do think there is a God up there who sees a pattern and sense into whatever that happens.

However this woman – i refuse to call her human or animal – has done a barbarian act. Even Kansa paused for 9 months before he killed another child..this woman is worse than kansa…hear the story…rather read the story..it is spine chilling…

my punishment for the woman is simple – tie her hands and feet and feed her to about 100,000 ants 🙂




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  1. Subra, what have the ants done to you?! Why feed them polluted and corrupted food!

    This could be a case of idle mind, devil’s workshop as well. These days many people have outsourced all work (cooking, cleaning, ironing, grocery,…) and sit all day at home watching random junk on TV. Mind goes berserk. I see a few examples at my apartment complex too.

  2. I 100% agree wth Laxminarashimman, humans treat dogs like humnan and vice versa.
    The same dog saving crusade would treat their domestic help very poorly.

    I believe stray should be culled altogether. They should be relieved of their pathetic lives.

    They bark in courus in midight and dont allow people to sleep/

    They bite/threaten to bite especially people returning home late in the night.

  3. i dare not read the link after reading the post, but i feel,for the heading of the post ‘man thinks he owns the world’ that , on there are people like me feeling ‘there is no room in the world, so mighty, so clever, so cruel, so ‘!

  4. subra sir,

    I think man does own the world, it is just that we do not know we are ending our own world,Kaliyug

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