Lets see some of the usual traps into which man falls…and question them well..

  1. You must study well, get a good job and stay there for a long time: Very valid till the 1980s. No longer true. Your qualifications may not matter, your work ethic will be important, your ability to learn, teach, unlearn and re-learn will be important.
  2. You must get married: funny. Marriages are just not lasting enough. If there are no guarantees of how long a marriage will last, how does it matter that you get married?
  3. You must have a kid: Perhaps the stupidest push. To take the name of the ‘family’. Come on I am not some Ram or Lakshman lineage that I need to ‘take the family name forward’. It sounds like a joke. Just forget it. Have a baby if you want. If you do not want, ignore.
  4. You must open a PPF account: nice advice but you can live without one. If you were to open an ELSS when your kid is born and invested Rs. 1.5L per annum the chances are you will have a higher corpus than by opening a PPF account.
  5. Get a government job, it is the best. No comments.
  6. Buy a house as soon as you can and as big as you can.
  7. Drink milk. It is good for you. OMG what a lie.
  8. Even if you are vegetarian you can consume milk, honey, wear silk clothes, and use leather products

8 points to ponder for a Sat evening is good enough!!

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  1. point 2

    show me a happy unmarried 30 year old boy or girl i will change my name

    point 3

    show me a happy 35+ couple without a single issue i will change my name

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