there is one post about Sachin and Obama – not sure if it is real, but it is the most visited ignoring such an aberration, here are the top 5..all of them have been read upwards of 10000 times. That is epic!

this is the top most read article about how parents force kids to buy things that the kids do not need. I have seen parents force kids to spend on the kids marriage – and deciding on how much tamasha should be done. I think that is unfair. If you want to spend Rs. 20,000 getting a horse that will dance for an hour in the blazing sun, and you wnat the money to be spent by your son, there is something WRONG with the parents. Who wants the tamasha, spends for the tamasha.

nice to see so many people accessing this page – not sure whether they access the books and read them. I know one bank which asked their librarian to buy all the books mentioned here. After that what happened I do not know!!

another ‘asan ideas for wealth’ article – simple steps to wealth. Lots of people seem to have read this..and liked it..wish there were more comments on the blog. The FB comments get pushed back……but blog comments remain. This post reached 10000 in the shortest possible time.

One word that can make you RICH….

this got Yahoo Finance more than 100,000 hits and got me 16000 hits on one day. Till date this number remains a record. The closest that I have come to is about 9k. This is my most read on the day it was published and even now it is read regularly.

shows how popular housing is in this country..everybody wants to buy a house, and this pointed article tells them that property is not a great investment…read on…

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