There were a few success stories discussed at the Cafe Mutual Cafi16…here is a story of a guy in abject poverty, he contemplated suicide..but did not do that..and today he is a top IFA. What a success story! I did not edit at all – the language is his…

Desire The Dream

I, am Sachin Kharate, sharing my life with you. Some may find it a success story, some may wonder, a few may impress, but if at all under the Sun any single inmate gets inspiration from my story to “ Desire the Dream”, I will be thankful to almighty and I am sure that the nature helps you to make your dreams come true. Dear friends, my today’s annual income is in the range of 18-20 lacs. But I started this journey from a scratch, rather a big Zero. I unfold this pathway of my struggle, my fight, my depression, my success, my strength before you all.

I come from a very poor family from the place Akola. My father used to drive paddle rickshaw. His income was very low. Our family had seven members. My parents, myself, two brothers & two sisters. For schools, I had to walk for 10 kms. sometimes barefooted, sometimes with empty stomach. My parents always used to quarrel on family issues. Our residence was too small for the family to stay. I spent my entire childhood in poverty, helplessness, tense situation and without peace of mind. Immediately after the completion of my schools I left my home. I did not know where to go? What I want to do? Where I am going to leave? Nothing. My future was dark, but a ray of hope in my mind that I am destined to be rich. I am going to break this vicious circle & will be a respected person in the society. I was just 16, when I landed Nasik. This holy city gave me prosperity. This city of lord Shriram showed me the way of life. When I came here I was orphan and had to sleep on railway platform without food. Daily I used to search for a Job & at last after three days I got a Job of a helper in a restaurant. Here I used to clean the floor, clean the utensils, and work as a helper with wages on 20/- Rs. a day. But here at last I got a shelter & food. I gathered friends of the same category and due to that company I become victim of many bad habits. I left the job when I realized this. But by changing a job I just became waiter instead of helper. I changed many hotels, but the job was same with monthly payment of Rs. 1700/-. Different employers with same environment. Many times I used to wonder what I am doing all this. No hopes of betterment, same insults & same depressing circumstances. In these 9 years, I learned a lot. It is said ‘Nature is a best task master’. I learned to know the difference between Good & bad. I could analyze between selfish & helpful. I was able to differentiate the nature and motive of the persons I met.

And a day, there became a sunrise. Somebody (Today I call him well wisher) gave an Insurance agency and compelled me to do the job. My first commission was Rs. 2100/-. These days I used to work as an insurance agent after my hotel duties. For the first three years whatever income I received, I invested in the same profession for books, for courses, training programs computer,softwers, etc. After getting confidence I left my job as a waiter & became full fledge insurance agent. At this point my bank balance was mere Rs. 17000/-. I still remember. I spent to the extent of Rs. 12000/- from that for a stall in an exhibition. In the initial days as I did not know anybody in the city my emphasis to growth my business was through stalls in the exhibition, halls, seminars. My next step was to get the agency of mediclaim. Thereby I could expand my network. Exactly seven years back. I started my career as mutual fund advisor. I always tried to enhance myself upon habits, selecting good friends, upgrading my lifestyle & improving knowledge. I am proud to say that three years back, I have completed my CFP. Also during a course of time I passed a certification for ‘Capital market dealer’ by NISM. Now I was not a waiter. I became a Financial Planner. Today,I have my well equipped office. The milestones in my success, I would mention that Rs. 11 Lacs insurance premium from a single family, 80 Lacs Rs investment by an HNI in MF, 125000/- Rs. SIP by another HNI and my  cumulative AUM is Rs.7 Crs.

Today my flat is worth Rs. 40 lacs. I move in a Swift Dezire Car, possess 5 Acre land. My strongest desire and dream is that I should have 100 Crs.  Networth within next two decades and I know I will achieve this.

Now, I am owner of three firms.:-

1)Varad financial services:- for investment consultancy.

2)Varad Training Academy: – for Training & Skill development for insurance , mutual fund agents,common people

3)Varad Agro.:- For organic farming.

I am blessed With a Son, Master Varad & Wife Meenakshi. I came up from a poor family and accordingly had my schooling but my son Varad is  taking education in the most reputed/costly school in the city.


The key of my success I find is my hard work, I never give up. I trust God.   

 I work for my dreams without any compromise.

I sincerely feel that you will like my story to desire your dreams. At last I would sum up with Be positive, Knowledge is power,  Be polite to serve, Stay Healthy, Pray God and success is yours.!




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  1. Inspiring. Thanks Subra for bringing such nice piece for your readers. Adds a new facet to an already useful blog, enlightening many souls.

  2. This is an inspirational story for all those who would like to eeke out a better living for themselves and for their family. I am sure a lot of us who have been fortunate to have better circumstances than Sachin could thank god for some good education.

    I like the last part about hardwork which is an eternal rule of nature. Hats off Sachin!!! I am sure you have found a fan in me. Wishing you many more success in your life ahead..

  3. Beautiful and inspirational story indeed. Thanks for sharing PV Subramanyam.

    Also a special mention for making your page mobile friendly. Makes reading on the mobile really easy.

  4. If anything at all am taking from this life changing experience, which am sure will help me is :

    “I always tried to enhance myself upon habits, selecting good friends, upgrading my lifestyle & improving knowledge”

  5. hi, sir good morning, thank u very much for sharing this story , i got lots of call from all over india who reads ur blog

  6. Wow. You are the true Inspiration Sachin.
    “Be positive, Knowledge is power, Be polite to serve, Stay Healthy, Pray God and success is yours.”

  7. It’s a joke on us so called educated people that we don’t learn these basics which poorly educated do. Hats off to such people for showing us the way.

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