“I M C Shah hereby revoke all my previous wills and by this will made on this date…at Mumbai…do hereby state that all my properties are self acquired..and the house in……………………….an ancestral property in……..is what I have inherited. That should be divided as per the Hindu Succession Act…..

My residence in Santacruz is self acquired and is a 1900 sq ft carpet 3 bhk with servant quarters and is located in………………. My sons A, B and C all of them have a house which they bought with my help, own money and a bank loan. I have given similar amounts to all of them, and that was more like a non refundable loan, so they can keep it.

My Equity portfolio is substantial and is valued at Rs………, My MF portfolio….. (these are the boring ┬ábits).

My son B has 2 daughters, both married and he is willing to stay with me and look after me till my death, or my wife’s death. In lieu of staying with me..he gets Rs. 100,000 per month for meeting the food / other expenses of mine and my wife. This figure will be increased by 20% every 5 years. This will come out of my dividend income.

In case I am not able to make my own decisions I will want my friend’s son Mr. X , lawyer to decide on my behalf, however my son B has the full authority to do what he thinks fit for my medical attention. Me and my wife will continue to live in this house for the rest of our lives. ……….blah blah…………..

My son will only be a nominee and holder for life of this property…after his death..the property will go to……………Charitable..Institution…

Nice will?


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  1. Charitable institution, what…

    His sons/grandsons will curse him for this..

    Just to learn subra, how did he attained so much wealth, can so share his success story on no name basis…

  2. in case of similar names….very common in patel’s, shah’s.. it is also better to put PAN/aadhar number of all the names appearing in the will to lessen the chances of nay litigation..

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