• If you are not sure whether you are saving/investing ENOUGH for retirement, you are NOT.
  • If your age is about 30 years now, be ready to cross 92. Extremely high probability.
  • One way not to worry about retirement is of course to die early. Sadly euthenasia is still just being debated.
  • If you do not know how long your money has to last in retirement, plan for younger spouse’s life span to 93.
  • Most people spend more time in buying a dress or choosing a pizza topping than on Retirement planning.
  • If you bought a retirement plan thinking that will be enough, I need a photo of yours please, I need to put it on FB
  • Rebalancing your portfolio and Dentist visit. Painful, boring, must be done regularly, UNAVOIDABLE.
  • Target Date funds for similar risk profile is an indicative corpus, not guaranteed.
  • Most smart fund managers beat the index in India. Spotting them in advance is the skill that I do not have
  • Choosing a fund with a high cost is like choosing a great horse, but with a fat Subra as its Jokey.
  • Consider a Reverse Mortgage as a done, only after age of 75 years
  • People selling high price Annuities forget to tell you about the 40% commission that they just got..
  • If you think you are going to die at 70, clearly you have not been to any funeral recently.
  • No retirement calculator considers how you will react in panic at age 69 and the market is iffy

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  1. In someways living till 93/92 could be good news too! I now have over 60-years compounding time in the market! Good part of the corpus could gather mass as time rolls by!

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