Yesterday I said I am not a Modi fan because he has not done much in 2 years. However having seen 3-4 Board Room battles I know how difficult it is for a person not very good in communication to fight, EVEN IF HE/SHE was right. We had one rich trader who was never accepted as the boss by the existing MD even though the trader had got the MAJORITY shareholding. The EXISTING shareholders were forced to sell the company to the new owners, and the MD would scuttle every move. He had to be ultimately sacked and a new team had to be brought in.

In another case an NRI from Singapore had invested in an Indian company which was trying to do some shady things. The client had to bring in the best names from Mumbai – coated booted 6 solicitors/ advocates and me a CA to call for an EGM – but eventually had to withdraw from the management.

So when Na Mo tries making changes, or more precisely lets Raghuram Rajan do his job, it is NaMo’s job to keep the industry and the bankers from approaching him for removing RR. I can assure you all the BANK CHAIRMEN must be trying to get rid of RR as the Gov. Imagine the pressure that a Governor is putting on the Chairman – Adag, GVR, GVK, Dlf, Adani, JP, Mallaya,…are all trying to sell off assets to repay the loans. Remember the ‘tolerant’ brigade Nandita Das? Her father was evicted from his FREE government bungalow – where he stayed for 23 years (repeat 23 years) paying a piddly rent instead of market rent in prime location in South Delhi. Such people close ranks and attack – and they do not mind the forum – normally foreign media….oops why am I telling you all is the on…

and it is very important to do this..

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  1. Leaves a distaste for Indian democracy and politics. If rules can be plied and bent, what will happen to the country – under NaMo or no NaMo.
    The whole lot is against him – complete bureaucracy, entire government machinery, all banks, all financial institutions, entire opposition and of course entire political class including his own ministers because of ‘performance management systems’ and ‘report card system’.
    Alas. What will happen to our country. A shuddering thought. I have read the attachments also.

  2. Thanks for highlighting the articles. What a wonderful writer TheJaggi is – all rooted in specific facts instead of meaningless abstruse gibberish (the other author).

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