I am a Na Mo supporter and a big beneficiary of his becoming the PM of India. When the elections were announced, I bought PSU shares (normally not a part of my portfolio) and I sold it as soon as Na Mo was sworn in. The logic? I knew it would take some time for him to do something about the PSU banks and other psu undertakings to make them accountable.

I am sure he is doing something, but the actions are not visible. Not to me, not to the market. The market is ┬áin no hurry to increase the PE of the psu companies. There was some attempt at getting good Chairmen for the banks – Federal bank is one of those banks. However the psu gangs have not been made accountable. The Chairman of a PSU has not been sacked in full glory. Banks continue to give loans and pretend to collect. Why no drastic measure like saying the following:

  • no giving loans AT ALL
  • no giving loans above Rs. 30 lakhs
  • only car loans and home loans
  • sacking of a few corrupt officers / managers /…etc.?
  • i mean the list is endless..

the p/e of the psu banks is gone for a toss again…

Why should people pay taxes?

For you to lose money in psu banks? other psu undertakings? gimme a break…read on..


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  1. what if the corrupt belong to reserved quota and so called minority community ? the opposition will start beating its chest in the name of intolerance.

  2. Is there something called too big to fail? Are the top and I mean the top two or three, too big to fail? Will the govt do anything for them so that they do not go down the drain?

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