At 25000: Market is too high. My dad tells me it has crossed 21000 too fast, so it will come down. I will wait. I have 50,000 Rs.

At 26000: Not sure, wondering whether to invest, my father is not so sure too.

At 27000: I think I should have invested at least Rs. 25000. My mistake. If it comes to 26k I will invest the whole thing.

At 28000: Ok I will listen to my Relationship manager and invest in…..Fund, they know the business.

At 29000: Now I will invest the remaining 25000 seems to be headed for 35k at least according to a channel!!!

At 28000: This is a temporary correction, market will come back to 30k soon.

At 27000: My RM is saying start a new SIP – guy gets a commission so he is suggesting..

At 26000: Subra also says ‘equity is for the long run’ why should I worry?

At 25000: Hmm my dad was right if I had put this money in a bank least the capital would have been safe

At 23000: I should have listened to the least I would have got more units on the way down

At 21700: My father was right, I should have listened to him. I have lost too much money…

At 21000: I sold off everything. What a relief. Markets are for Gujjus, Marwaris..others..not for simple Madrasis like me….

btw we are talking about the Sensex, not the Nifty – just in case you thought i was talking about Nifty…


hypothetical…of course


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  1. Trust me, I have gone through some of this between 2004 to 2010.It happens.
    Since 2010, I have peacefully been investing irrespective of the market conditions.

  2. Take a bow.
    This is one of the most pragmatic posts off late. That what is written is apt, nothing less, nothing more. Thanks Subra.

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