Well too many people are looking a little lost at around 23 about what to do in life. So enter financial gurus including yours truly..giving them advice. Well, here is some contrarian advice to disturb all the b..t that you have heard:

  1. If you do not try something out at this stage, you never will: so go and build that app, get that start up funded, go get a life, and importantly travel on a tight budget. A friend put his 20 year old son in a Eurorail and got him to see Europe ALONE..giving him contacts and emergency phone numbers. He told him what to do if he lost his passport..and bought him a nice phone – just in case. Not sure why other parents are not getting their kids to do this.
  2. Finished studies, not sure what to do? Join an NGO for 2 years, this experience helps. Help organise the documents, legal stuff, accounts, etc. especially if you are a CA. After about 6 months if you are able to find a job / your calling leave by handing over nicely.
  3. Take a credit card and use it wisely. Understand responsible spending. Cannot stay in denial all your life.
  4. Start understanding money. See the importance of equity, impact of inflation, etc.
  5. It is great to start investing now, but it is all right to start at say 27 instead of 23. Yes you have lost 4 years of compounding..but your conviction may be stronger. Learn to be independent of your parents – physically and financially.
  6. Go and take risk. Want to be a football coach? Want to go to Singapore to do a 2 year photography course? can afford it? Go.
  7. Do not open a PPF account, do not buy a car, do not buy a house. A 2 wheeler? yes preferably mid range. All your money will be spent for that Europe trip remember? If you have more money cover Africa, do not buy assets. Waste of money. Hire one if you need..
  8. Cash emergency fund? Sure you need it but do you have a dad who has a cash emergency fund? can you depend on that? do it.
  9. See if you can start learning about investing in shares. Helps to have own portfolio apart from mutual funds.
  10. Well well there must be more..but 9 is a good start!!

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  1. Absolutely true! Totally agree with this advice. #1 needs a lot of resolve on the side of the parent(s) to let go but it can be an immensely rewarding experience for both sides.

  2. This article was ‘sold’ on the very first point.
    Thank you sir. For Inspiring, and guiding us, not just in the finance jungle but the way of life too.

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