“I hate this job and want to quit” – a person who has worked 17 years made that statement.

“I really want to lose weight” she said..just as she reached for her second gulab jamun.

Do we always MEAN what we say? In this world of too much talk and too much content, stop judging people by what they say. It is time you judge people by what they do. I am not even talking of Na Mo or a Ra Ga. I am talking of simple people like you and me.

We all need a Junk Filter if we have to make sense of what we read / hear / see on television..or wherever.

Let us see the user generated content. I know how much some people crave for social attention. Being active on wassup, responding to all queries on FB groups, etc. are good signals. When they do not have a career going their way or a family relationship in trouble many people turn to the social media (hey that is another post). So why do people talk and why do people write?

  1. People write to seek media attention: So what they say is driven by ‘what will get me the greatest number of likes, shares, tweets, friends…’ They normally do not care much about what they say. The more controversial the better. So you need to see this content and move on.
  2. People write so that you click on the contextual ads. This is content created by the sales people / ad people. They judge themselves on how much of ad revenue their content has generated. Based on how you react more and more such articles are served to you while you are surfing. Whether you are buying any product is not of so much importance. The fact that you are leaving footprints all over the place is good enough for the marketing guy to chase you. So if you went to say Pepperfry to see some furniture..you will be served furniture ads – almost ad nauseum. However, it works well.
  3. People who have content, will publish, hoping to build a community. You find many such groups on FB – the user defined content is mainly meant to attract similar thinking people to form a group – investors, cyclists, runners, hobbyists, …

You need to develop a strong junk filter so that your brain is not clogged.

So in 2016 decide what you will really read on the net, and make sure it helps you going forward….

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  1. My only financial new year resolution is to increase my contribution towards investments by not less than 20%.. hope I will be able to match up..

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