Rarely do I give a call on equity – I mean specifically on what I am doing. I am sure about my strategy, I am not sure about my timing.

I am sure that the next few years (say 3) it will not be Fmcg and Pharma stocks, so I will be light on those. Having sold Gillette, Colgate, etc. not in a hurry to buy them back. Not too much of a regret having sold Gillette at a pe greater than 100..but still I am holding on to HUL..but might just exit at say 850, but surely not a buyer now.

Holding on to LMW, Elgi, Eid parry (the unsold portion, having partially sold recently), Bannari amman. No trading view on MRF (having sold the investment portion recently at a good price), holding on to Supreme Industries, Kajaria, etc. and to some over priced Mnc infra stocks like Siemens, Cummins, etc.

Even stocks like SBI, Icici look well priced – and I am being forced to add on along with old favorites Hdfc bank, Hdfc, Kotak bank and Cholamandalam Investment. My exposure to this sector is scary. The results of Sbi and Icici are impressive, the NPA worries me…but will take a punt. Have added Hdfc by buying the warrant, but will not have enough money to exercise the warrant…

It is easy to sell pe of 110 and buy pe of 12 when you sell Gillette and buy Ntpc that is what happens. This is not always a good decision, but when you have Gillette more than what you want to hold…you need to encash a little bit at least. I continue to hold Gillette, HuL, Colgate..but happy to partly move into infra / utilities.

I am looking at a good growth in the Power sector too..with the new SEB policy move. If all the SEBs can move to a lower cost of funds, it is bound to make a deep impact, so Ntpc, Tata power – both look good, but I have no guts to buy Reliance Power….

How does GMR Infra look like? Not to sure inspite of the fact that Icici Pru has picked up some quantity of the said stock. Not sure about its ability to manage its debt. That is a bother…but bullish on infra so wondering what to do 🙂

Unlike many others I continue to be a little bullish on TCS, Infy, Biocon, …but not yet in a mood to stock up on Sun Pharma…or my old time favorite Dr. Reddy Laboratory…

Well some general ramblings on Diwali / Dhanteras day….

PS: THIS IS A STATIC POST. I can change my mind, my portfolio, my views, go short on infra, long on pharma do quick day trades, go long for the long term and buy put options for the short..so please do not base your portfolios on what I say online. I do not run a PMS, and do not do any direct equity business. Last year I made tons of money on Ashok Leyland, Elgi, Gillette, colgate, hul, kwality foods, oracle…and these shares helped me beat the index (it was easy was it not?) but what I will do in the 2072 Samvat will change from day to day. Caveat.

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  1. Hi Subra sir,

    I have recently invested in cipla….but after reading your views on pharma…I am perplexed…..Why are you avoiding this sector…


  2. Subra Sir…I have recently invested in cipla…but after your reviews on pharma…I am perplexed…why are you avoiding this sector …

    K C Rana

  3. You are wrong on the Pharma aspect, its Indias best theme and they deserve those valuations, with all the norms on Climate and shit in China and US they need good M.Pharm and Pharma.D guys to do better innovation and bulk, thats possible in India alone, we will be a huge exporter in the coming years, there will be a day the US FDA bends to our needs and tiktiks than the other way now. We will create atleast 10 big global companies and 2-3 may well be as big as Pfizer and GSK or AZ. Stay on in Pharma @above comment guys

  4. With Major branded drugs in US/Europe losing its patent by FY 17, Indian Pharma companies will only rise. I don’t see any problem in domestic market too. Lifestyle diseases will create havoc, and this will result in more prescriptions.

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