If you have a big wardrobe in which you keep your clothes, that itself is a big mistake. A lot is hidden in a big cupboard, and it goes unnoticed.

Have you ever wondered why you have 13 shorts, 34 pants and about 115 shirts? If you have, you are already prepared for reducing the clutter in your wardrobe (a good place to start if you want to declutter your life). I am a man and this post is largely applicable to men, and I am not sure women will be able to do it the way men can..but it is your call. Invariably there are huge advantages of reducing the clutter in your life. You surely have less stress (I really do not have too much to think about which black pant I am going to wear !!). You should have more money to invest (do not laugh all this adds up). You free up space at home. You feel good about donating clothes (in India this is really easy with a driver, maid, security guard, …more than happy to use your hand me downs). Let us see how we can go about doing it.

  1. Admit to yourself that you really have too much: this is not very easy, but it has to be the first step at reducing the clutter.
  2. Reduce the number of colors that you will wear: I wear only black pants, and that helps. No browns. Dark navy blue and black.
  3. In formals I have stopped buying anything except white. Formal white. Dramatically reduces shopping time!
  4. Only black socks, only black belts, and only white handkerchief (eeks I hate wasting tissues, I am old fashioned).
  5. Donate, recycle (pants can become shorts for the home?), discard, throw. All work.
  6. Work on a tight budget. I just stopped buying. Period. Waiting to exhaust my existing stock, which is just too much.
  7. Socks and hankies last much much longer than you ‘think’ so do not over stock. Buy just one at a time. Seriously.
  8. Promise your wife one extra storage shelf for her in a year. Work on the promise and deliver before time.

Not a great Diwali post I agree, but simplifying is too close to heart!!

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  1. As things are being discarded and slimmed-down, a gentle reminder though that there’s a need to keep some old clothes for the handyman – plumbers, carpenters, electricians,….. – I digress, but, it used to annoy me that they’d turn up for work ill-equipped and start asking you for various tools (including some old clothes). I had to plan for these as well!

  2. Imagine a world where everybody wear just black and white? Isn’t that boring.I like the colors and the colorful people around me. 🙂

  3. sir, Happy Diwali to YOU and all your near & dears.!
    Read a similar post of yours some time back, stopped purchasing new clothes for self, for the last few months, gradually reducing the clutter at home
    Thanks for the reminder again!!

  4. Happy Diwali to you Subra and fellow readers. Subra brings light to our life everyday.

    On the above post-it largely depends on the life stage. At young age, the person wants to look good, wear fancy clothes, buy many things, etc. As he grows in age, he realises that there are more important things in life that material possessions. He can become philosophical as he grows/matures further.

    I am 46 and can relate with Subra but my 25 year old nephew or niece may not agree. They think what’s the use of earning money if they don’t wear fancy clothes.

  5. Nothing wrong with a 25 year old wanting to wear fancy clothes. Or seeking variety. they too should realize that money, things, and time are fungible. If the retirement corpus is ready at 38…that gives greater pleasure than the smaller pleasures. Exactly like meditating. Give up smaller pleasures for the real big one…

  6. Happy Diwali Subra Sir!!

    I love the idea of reducing choices and going minimal… if only i can commit to it…

    the problem with my gen (25-35 age group) now is that everything is available online and delivered to your home/office. So this new online fad has actually made us into bigger material consumers then we ever were.

    As you said, if i had to go to the store id go once a season and buy couple of clothes, now i order every week online!!!

    As a start i have deleted all shopping apps from my phone and am making an effort to reduce the actual shopping.

    Lets see how it goes..

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