this morning I posted saying ‘mutual funds are risky’ – some of the things that I know are unprintable, so I will not write about this.

However Mr. Kaul has written an article about debt…read this here

while reading this…note down the names of the companies…and then see how many mutual funds are holding these shares / debt instruments.

then go an read my articles…on risk…then read the article again…enjoy !!

No I am not namine the funds against which people have complained…omg what next !!

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  1. Subra Sir thanks a lot for this eye opener.

    I actually did this exercise with the listed companies. I hold funds of Franklin, HDFC and Quantum.

    What I found was heartening for me that except for HDFC Top 200 holding Vedanta, none of the named companies featured in my Equity Funds. I dont hold any Debt funds so I am safe there.

    After this my belief in these 3 fund houses has been reinforced and I would say I would surely stick with these.
    But such reminders are really good.

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