Now that we know that the Fed did not change interest rates in Sep 2015, we can peacefully worry about RR’s next move.

I was amazed to see 2 smart women discuss what will happen in the market…

Lets face it, the equity markets depend on:

Earnings of all the companies in the market / world

People’s expectations from all the companies (PE)

Commodity prices

People wanting to take risk. People wanting to shed risk

Interest rates / Inflation expectation

Trade balance / Imbalance

Capital flows from individuals / corporate world

and many other things. Many many other things.

There is nobody who knows anybody who knows anybody why a market went up / down / remained sideways TODAY. It is just impossible. However on 18th of Sep every commentator says “markets will be up by 400 points on the sensex as FED has not increased rates”. Funny. Do you know that people were not short? that people may have call options,….

Lets face it, nobody knows what will happen on 18 sep, 19 Sep or 20 Sep 2015.

We hope it will be more than 1,00,000 on the sensex. Soon. No I will not put a date. Enjoy.


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