At the outset let me make it clear. I am as much a part of the media as much as Cnbc or ET Now. I have appeared in many channels. I write for the print media and for the electronic media. Mostly for free, some times I am paid. Normally if I am paid I am not writing under my name. It is for somebody else. Some of the smartest boys and girls I know work in the media.

Having said all that let me tell you why the media is not the best place to learn ‘equity’ investing or for that matter anything else.

  1. 99% of the people I meet need a properly well thought out financial plan. None of them have it.
  2. The media dishes out trading ideas – dime a dozen, 99% of which you do not need.
  3. Media uses a lot of trading jargon which about 99% of the watchers do not understand, but 99% are impressed by jargon.
  4. Media vs Investing is like good old home food vs Junk food. You know which is good for the long term. Come on.
  5. Most market commentary is useless as soon as it is delivered. As useless as a newspaper.
  6. You cannot, repeat cannot understand the conflict between advertisers pressure and what is good.
  7. Smart anchors and presenters know what is good for them – what keeps the TRP up and ads rolling in.
  8. If you think you should get portfolio management along with financial porn, be my guest.
  9. The DIY population which is a consumer of financial porn is very high. Mortality guaranteed.
  10. Knowing what to watch / read in the financial media is not easy. Missing it totally is not expensive.
  11. Media is irrationally and totally addicted to trading stories. 99% of the viewers / readers do not need it at all.
  12. 99% of the anchors understand that they are in the entertaining business, and are too well trained for you to find out.
  13. 99% of the anchors do not invest in direct equities. 99% of them do SIPs and do not react to what they say. Should you?
  14. 99% of them have good degrees but enjoy their time in the sun. It is their job. Salaries are astronomical.
  15. Anchoring is a boring job, not glamorous at all. It results in jaw pain with the stupid smile on has permanently.
  16. Once a channel is successful, all advertisers want to be on it.
  17. Television is not TV programs interrupted by ads, it is just ads. Some you understand as ads, some which you do not.
  18. Portfolio review, breaking news, upgrade, downgrade, tanking, zooming up, crashing down, – are just attractive jargon.
  19. If you have benefited by watching the media and enjoying the process and can afford it, ignore the above 19 points.

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  1. I have observed a trend amongst many TV anchors and experts. They change their tone/views about market as per the mood of the marker. For example when market falls they found no good with anything in the market, they keep on harping that a certain lower level is coming, wait to invest etc etc. When market goes up all are gung ho and say a particular higher level is coming and all these views change in a matter of one or two days. And one interesting thing they never say invest now, when market is falling they say wait till clarity emergers or it will fall more and when market goes up they all say its gone so much, valuations are high, blah blah…..

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