Long ago when I had many brokerage clients and we ran a business, my partner asked me “how many diwali greetings do you need” and I absent mindedly said 2000-2500. He said be specific. I looked up and he said “look we have cards of last year lying in the loft which we have not thrown away…”

I realised that we do waste too much. Just way too much. 22 people recently travelled from point A to point B – and back in 9 cars. Same starting point, same destination, not a timed event, ..they could have travelled in 5 cars. Full stop.

As a generation we waste too much. Just too much. We buy too much, waste too much. We buy with money we do not have (borrow) to buy things we do not need (look around your house), by borrowing from banks we do not like, and repay this by doing jobs we do not like to do.



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  1. I never understood such statements/articles.
    Problem is that one person’s need is another ones luxury. Salarjung accumulated so much of so called not needed stuff that there is a big museum displaying just some of his accumulation. So, did he not have a life?
    Strictly speaking all art, sports, entertainment and even cloths or houses are not need – in the sense their absence will not cause us to die..
    Only a person buying the thing can decide if it is useful or not.

    Borrowing Subra’s words, I would call this advice totally true and worthless. To me it is akin to saying you should buy low and sell high – true and worthless.

  2. @ Abhi: It’s a choice individuals have to make. What, When & How you need is only you can define or choose.

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