When you write a cheque it is either an expense (or repaying a loan for an expense already incurred), an investment or it is a sunk cost.

Every rupee that we spend gives us something – happiness or experience! We need to see whether it is a sunk cost or whether it is an investment. An investment has to give us returns. A good cycle for example gives us good health, a mode to get around, and pleasure of cycling – so it is a good investment. A good bed is a good investment for our health. A good pair of running shoes which inspires us to run is a good investment. Something which gives you a lot of pleasure, helps you in your health, is surely a good return on investment – investment on your health.

Investing  (time) in learning how to cook up a health meal – has returns in terms of saved costs (of eating out) and health. Surely not a sunk cost, but a good RoI investment!

If shopping, accumulating things, filling your house with cupboards, and cupboards with things HAVE not given you any pleasure, is it not time you changed STRATEGY?

Tools of the trade (ipad for an author who travels), carpentery tools, running shoes, travel – all have their place in our lives, depending on our profession and our hobbies.

Unfortunately, nice things are rarely sold to us. We need to seek them. We are constantly urged to change our house, our transportation methods (and size!!) – so in 6 years you are looking for a new car, in 10 years you are looking for a bigger house. These are all ‘sunk cost’ – you rarely can recover a better price than what you bought for. Reconsider the word investment. You need a house, yes, it makes you feel good, etc. IT IS A SAVING, not an investment.

We are told, requested, cajoled, ridiculed, …into the sales tyranny.

Owning less, having lesser choices (6 white shirts and 4 black pants) is far less stressful than having 2 walk in closets with 40 pairs of shoes, 45 pants, 102 shirts, 12 suits, safari suits, 212 ties, ….God thanks for keeping my life uncluttered.

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