I watch 2 programs on television – both are ‘real episodes of crime’. ┬áThe lessons from that:

– do not take anything for granted. One woman (with her father’s help) and along with her new boy friend kills her husband. The kid is 17 years old and helpless.

Learning: make a will, and do not assume that all the money from the wife will automatically flow to the kids. NORMALLY it does, but in real life it could be different, be careful.

Most of the crimes relate to money. Even girls being kidnapped to be put into the flesh trade is about money, right?

teach delayed gratification, even if that is the only thing you teach your kid.

Most of the problems are not law and order, it is something that happens INSIDE THE HOUSE. Greed, lust, envy, anger, jealousy – all happen inside. Most of the crime is solved by the involved person, not by the police doing the investigation.

Learning: You need to manage your investing, do not expect the regulator to solve micro issues. THEY CANNOT. Use the resources that they provide.

Your children need friends immediately outside the house just in case they are subject to incest. Seen an episode where a girl was made a sex slave by her father and brother. When mother tried to squeal she was also killed.

Learning: Look for abnormal behavior and be willing to seek police help.

IMPORTANT learning: never ever confront the thief. Relax. Go to the police, lawyer, friends, gather strength and then attack the thief.

Remember: the dowry law is terribly anti husband. So if you are an affected husband, seek legal help before you fight with your wife.


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  1. Some of the stories on crime patrol can bring ‘that’ chilling effect on your spine. One such story was that of a school going kid who killed his grandmother for not giving him extra pocket money.

  2. on other note, i feel,the immediate gratification is now prevalent among kids too for joy. they are lured and glued to TV , Mobile and Internet immediate entertainment, and obviously, naturally do not understand delayed gratification through their primary studies.

  3. You were spot on in the earlier article that the people surviving have are the one who with the help of police solve the crime. Ultimately one has to help oneself. Police also gives up.

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