I am sick and tired of hearing the following:

*  I am too stressed because of my job

*  My boss expects me to work 7 days a week and 12 hours a day

*  Travelling in Mumbai (any city) is becoming so difficult

*   Life in Siachen is so difficult for the army

*   Film stars and cricketers are over paid

*   The priest and the school teacher are not respected at all

*    Professors in colleges make more money teaching in coaching classes

*    The IFA and the Life Insurance seller rebate the commissions that they earn

Please remember we make many choices in life, and we reap its consequences. So if you want to be a cricketer you put in 12 hour days working at the nets. If you want to do CA you need to put in 12 hour days in the library. If you join the army you put in 12 hour days exercising. An IFA who sells a Rs. 20,000 annual premium may not rebate, but if he sells a Rs. 40,00,000 premium and gets about Rs. 24L as commission, he may rebate Rs. 12L or even Rs. 22 Lakhs. IT IS HIS CALL.


That is all. For every Sachin Tendulkar there are many many boys who did not even make it to the Mumbai XI forget hoping for an international career. When you join the army you have a decent salary, decent perks, a life long pension BUT, BUT, BUT you have a very very tough life in Siachen. You might be fighting a terrorist in Nagaland. In the film industry for every Amitabh Bachhan who is successful there might be 100,000 others who have come from UP and are selling milk, vegetables, or driving a taxi.


Nobody forced you to take up a job in say a Hdfc bank and work 12 hours a day. You could have chosen to become a professor and work 5 hours a day for 5 days a week. However you may have to make do with an Indian vacation and not a vacation to Greece (omg not again!!).

Here is an article about Aditya Puri and the person may have worked under him. I have no clue. I have not worked under Deepak Parekh or Mr. Aditya Puri. So I cannot claim to know both of them. I only know them as people who look after my best investments – Hdfc Ltd and Hdfc bank. This is a 2009 article and is not an article that I enjoyed but somebody sent it to me…sharing it with you



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