Well I really do not know the answer. However I can name some of the HNI readers in terms of their net worth.

One reader who reads my blog (not sure how regularly) has a net worth of about Rs. 10,000 crores. Now it does not matter that I do not name him I presume. NO, I am not naming him.

Then there are about 4-5 people in the Rs. 1000 crore net worth – a couple of them sms me and say – ‘you still write every day’. One of the guys says why do you not mention people’s names.

Then there are about 50+ people in the 100 crore + net-worth.

Then there would be friends, classmates, mini celebrities in the 20-100 crore range of net-worth. I will not be able to quantify the numbers in this category.

These are the people I know. Apart from this there could be people in the net worth range, but I do not know them.

Then there are some really well paid employees in the 2-3 crore kinda salary bracket, but I would not know their names and other details. Some of them have retired from very high posts and some continue to be there. Many of them are from the BFSI space and hence their views on the markets really matter. Some of them are my clients for training, some of them are friends, and some of them have been my clients when I was in the brokerage arena.

Then there are many young kids who will see these numbers in awe and wonder whether they will reach these numbers. Hey kids all of you will. Some of you will reach when you are in your 40s, the others will reach in your 60s. That is the magic of ‘n’ or time. If somebody were to tell my Grandad that the house in which he lived is worth upwards of Rs. 100L now, he would be stunned. He got it free. Of course that was in 1929 – and in Central Mumbai !!

The ability to understand what I write obviously varies – there are people who do not know what is equity. There are a few people who have done their PhDs in the capital market space. There is one man who keeps all his money in bank fixed deposits. He can write a 139 page on ‘What is capital market risk’. He is protected by a six digit indexed pension. What more can a son-in-law of the soil want (aka retired baboo(n)).

So it is difficult to write for such a varied audience. Their needs are different, their requirements are different, their holiday destinations are different. Their investments are different. Most of them do not have a written financial plan. None of them in the top bracket have a SIP in a mutual fund. Their expenses have NOTHING to do with their expenses. So much so that you could say that their income and expenses are living apart. Some of them are very generous and some of them are very tight fisted. One of them is very miserly in his real life -but has spent about Rs. 5 crores on building a temple in his hometown. Very difficult to say what is right or wrong. One does not know. Takes a long time.


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  1. I think I regularly read your blogs.even though it is sometimes “aracha mave araikaringa ” but at least you do it daily and some times at very odd hours I see a post I wonder how do you find time.

  2. I am 42, and am reading your posts from the past 3 years. Have closed all extra bank accounts, taken term and invested heavily in equities which is doing wonders. Your blog helps me to keep the pestering RM out of bounds. Thank you.

  3. Hi Subra,

    No matter what category you cater to, most of your posts will help one transition from one to another. So, kindly request you continue writing as amateurs like me benefit immensely and so does a “pro” (who has done PhD in Cap Market.

    Your writing style is grounded and gives a perspective, that is more important than an advice.

  4. Dear sir, I have been reading your blog since 2 yrs and have read all articles from start.I am 35 and an IT person. Still not into equities. But next year on i ll be in it full swing.
    Other than this I hv followed all your advices.

    Like many – I am still in the initial path of financial journey.

    Thank you for guiding us.

  5. Hi Subra,

    I have lost around Rs.1L during 2006-2008 by trading and then invested in MF around Rs.1L during 2008-2009. After started reading your blog in 2014, again started investing in MF and direct equity. Now I am in journey of achieving financial freedom.

    For me, the day begins with reading your posts.

  6. I also read your blog daily. I am not filthy rich like others you have mentioned but I aspire to be one of them by the time I get old. I am 30 and fall in 10% tax bracket; My income is also not that great but still I have started investing in equities regularly and planning to invest in education in a hope to build good corpus in long run. Reading your blog freshens up my mind.

  7. the persons you mentioned have 100+ and 1000+ crores are from first generation of their wealth creation?

  8. Subra sir

    You have tried to do a profiling based on wealth !!!! on who reads your Blog . I don’t know why ?

    The point is whoever comes to read is trying to search something meaningful. I personally have great respect but I want to let you know three things which I noticed last month.

    A. You talk about everything but health insurance , while this is a well known fact that one major illness can actually send a entire family towards poverty due to costs of medical expenses
    B. You in one of your blog wrote 10 crores wont make you rich. You advertise however your book which claims that it will make people rich. I think you are taking a big moral responsibility
    C. I think there has to be a disclaimer that your advice is for which category , now that you have done a wealth profiling

  9. Subra sir

    not trying to say anything on what you should cover . I have written what I have noticed. Your coverage is vast and thank you for that.

    on the “where have I said this is an advisory blog? can you tell me that? ” . Let me try to suggest

    Your blog is not declared as advisory but this is how I found your blog
    a) I was searching about good books on personal finance , your book lead to your name and your name led to your blog. So there will be many people who actually read and take what you say as advice
    b) You can always deny point a based on several parameters

  10. One day i accidentally came accross your blog, it was 2 Years ago, then i was 32, Till that many magazines on investments used to confuse me a lot. Read most of your articles, i started sip from the next day onwards as i was eager not to loose n and felt guilty of wasting time n and missing compounding. Really your blog has changed my perception regarding finances.if not for your posts and aifw group i would have deleted my fb profile as i got totally bored of fb.your writing style is awesome sir. I am damned lucky to find your blog. If not for your blog, my retirement life would have been terrible

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