I did a financial planning session at Pune (Deccan Gymkhana, courtesy of Prof Anil Agashe for the lovely location and the nice hall)…and it was well attended.

Some of the interesting observations / comments…

– almost all the people who were there were people who knew me because of www.subramoney.com

– many of the people were younger than 30 years of age, and that was impressive. I guess these may have been PUMBA students including friends of Ganesh Pardeshi – a young kid who did the organising, arranging the payment gateway, ..etc. Thanks Ganesh, maybe it was simple, but somebody has to do it, and you did it. Initiative without profit is really rare. Appreciate that.

– my knowledge of medical insurance is limited and it is a complicated topic. Please do enough research and then buy it.

– I was happy that I was able to handle all the queries…and there was an unofficial extension of about 45 minutes

– Manish Chauhan…came…and last time i saw a young boy MC..now I saw a man MC. I am sure his business is doing very well 🙂

– When somebody says ‘I bought a second hand car instead of a new car’ – I realized that the minimalisation posts are working !!

– as usual the Real Estate calculation was an eye opener – it was in Ranchi on Tuesday, and eyeopener on Sunday in Pune

– please give a feed back on the face of the blog…and not on FB. If you give on fb I will do a cut paste….

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  1. Hi Subra, I am regular reader of your blog and enjoy the way you write. Its charming pinching also. I wanted to hear in person and I had this opportunity to hear you yesterday. Its really great that you kept all of us live and brimming whole day ! Hats off to you.

  2. It was a nice and detailed information on personal finance, ur knowledge & experience will help us a lot.

  3. THANK You Sir!! You have created a very positive impact on each one of us.The topics you covered on Mutual Fund, Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, Retirement calculator,Healthy lifestyle were very informative and simple to understand. Sir the way you answered all queries were flawless.

    Thanks again!!

  4. Hi Subra,

    Thanks for the wonderful session. I would say that more than the Real Estate, it was the Retirement Calculation that was the eye opener (probably because I don’t own any real estate).

    I was amazed & impressed at the humility and straight answering when you were asked questions on a variety of topics – thanks for sharing your time with us.

    Wishing you all the best – keep writing so we keep getting words of wisdom.

  5. Sir ,

    It will be a great service if you can open eyes of Pune and Mumbai people who are investing in Pune real estate with closed eyes . Everybody is suffering today due to high speculated real estate prices .

  6. Hi Subra,

    I think you and pattu only are doing these kind of awareness more than any other people in India.Because of you two people many south Indian and West Indian people got great eye openings. I wish these things must go to North and East India people also who still do not get these opportunities.

  7. Sorry but could not attend the session as I am of station for 2 weeks. Hope to see you again in near future.. Thank you.

  8. It was a really rewarding experience to listen you whole day.Thank you and the organizer’s for making this happen for us.

  9. Hi Subra,
    I am your follower on Twitter and occasionally did visit your blog. I attended your session yesterday and it was an real Eye-opener. I am glad that I attended and strongly recommend this to everyone.

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