when you hear / listen only to the MSM (Main Stream Media) in most cases you cannot get the truth.

The truth is hidden in such a way that you believe the banksters. In case you are wondering why I call them banksters read on



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  1. Exactly…I just don’t understand the hullabaloo, this is a manufactured crisis. No sarcasm below, in case ppl get confused with the language!
    ECB should just give Greece the money it needs and be done with it. Almost every country in the world runs a deficit, and *every* country in EU runs a deficit, some more some less, and ECB gives them money by buying their bonds, why single out Greece? If market doesn’t buy Greece’s bonds, ECB should buy it.

    ECB can put simple protections around the weaker EU nations, but it wont. For example: A nations bonds should not be allowed for speculative derivative activity. All transactions should be using the actual instrument for delivery.

    Either ECB stands behind every sovereign Bond of the countries in EU or it stands behind no country’s bonds. In Greece’s case, it is being partial.

  2. I think this is a good book for all people to read to truly understand how this functions through these lending agencies and central banks.

    The Princes of the Yen:Japan’s Central Bankers and the Transformation of the Economy – Richard Werner

    For those, who are not able to source the book, here is the documentary – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5Ac7ap_MAY

  3. This looks to be satire. Greece is in the trouble purely due to their spending wealth they did not have. They thought being in Eurozone will mean they will be bailed out by other rich nations.
    In real life there is no charity. There are other nations like Ireland, Spain, Portugal etc that are watching this drama closely because they are one step behind Greece.

    European standards of living are falling and they can not handle this. The days when colonies were looted and money was brought back to Europe, are long gone. This is a natural re adjustment taking place.

    Blaming the bankers for your problems will not solve this issue.
    Anyone lending money will look for getting maximum profits out of your misery.

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