It is easy for the older people (I mean over 35) to say “Oh these kids lack committment”.

To start with I do not agree with that nonsensical comment. Every generation saw its own version of smart people and dumb people. Of committed people and people who were not committed. Or a Sachin Tendulkar and a Vinod Kambli!!

However, one thing is I feel for the younger generation…ok a list of things:

1. Even for a person with a good degree from a good college it is becoming difficult to find a good well paying nice decent job with some stability: Blame it on the economy, on China, on USA or general competition – it is far more difficult to get a good job today than it was say even in 2001 when the insurance sector recruited all and sundry. Many of them are today Vice Presidents…and love telling a tale “When we were selling ULIP….” Hello guys you were not selling ulips, you were MISSELLING ulips – people are now realising that they have got returns from -3% to 7% despite a boom in the equity markets. YOU QUEERED THE PITCH FOR THESE KIDS.

2. Tuition costs, stay costs, etc. for that stupid MBA colleges have gone through the roof: All MBA colleges have made the degree very expensive and the ROI is not being justified except in the very high branded schools. One top school could not place all its students last year, and no I do not wish to name them in a public forum. So if you spend Rs. 25 lakhs in one year to do your MBA, and you are not sure about the ROI, hey kids you have got it tough!!

3. Jobs are disappearing as fast as they are getting created: One life insurance company sacked a very big portion of their work force. The reason was not far to seek – the HR, admin and sales force joined their corrupt hands to recruit (they were planning to recruit a Million agents – their CXO told me…and then the cookie crumbled. DO NOT BLAME THE KIDS…the s.o.b.s who did the whole act were born in the 1960s, 1970s….not in the 1980s

….really manymore to come…

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  1. while the biggest draw back for this generation is lack of job security and the pension thereafter.But another point of view is the responsibilities on the shoulders of the current generation for their most of their parents are financially independent and are willing to support their kids financially

  2. I wish we could explain this to our parents. Many of them think they financed us an enggineering/ MBA degree and now we should just pluck money from trees.

  3. I would like to state here that every kid is not lucky to have financially independent parents. People who had to take the responsibilities of siblings weddings etc, are not financially secure enough. Remember, people lived in large joint families where earning members were fewer! 🙂

    Good points Subra sir. I always wondered about how do students survive generate the ROI of high education costs.

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