Most of us want to be DIY but have almost no comprehension of what it takes to be a Do It Yourself Investor. An adviser quickly sizes up the investor and decides how much to interfere with a client or whether there is any need to disturb the client’s learning process.

However all investors need to answer these questions. If they have an adviser he/she should help them through this trauma:

1. If you do not know how much return you are getting in each of your investment (your return not the scheme CAGR. Go and check it out. See if there is a difference.

2. 99% of the people reading this blog will be better off with low cost investing – and in India that need not be the Index.

3. A good fund manager with a good track record will not come free. A good adviser who knows his job will more than justify his fee.

4. It is very difficult beating the market on a consistent basis. Hey, it is not impossible either. Do give it a swing….and I do not know why you keep chasing every trip.

5. Do you really understand conflict of interest?

6. Are you really an aggressive investor ? If the sensex tanks 25% will you buy aggressively?

7. I know you like jargon, but just because you are a contrarian it does not mean you will drive when the signal says stop.

8. I know you invested because of your gut feel, but sir, your gut sucks. My elementary Investment valuation 101 would have warned you against this.

9. Of course I do not like RMs, but your 3 Ulip plans are amazingly stupid investment decisions, but I can live with that.

10. Buying from your RM just because he calls you 1222 times a day is as bad as sexual harassment that your boss did to your young married friend. Just change your bank branch or RM.

11. Your younger age mistakes were much better…your latest Unit linked plan with a committment of Rs. 200,000 per month for 3 years is SUPER AMAZINGLY STUPID. Now go live with that.

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  1. I ask do you even know where all you have invested, usually it takes about 6 months to find it in some cases. In one extreme case the investor did not even recall that he had invested !

  2. first of all you need to know that u need a good adviser. Then you should know what you want from him. Once you know that you talk to a few of them and decide to pick one…

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