If somebody says “I will teach you to invest like Warren Buffett” – you need to take it with a pinch of salt. Mukesh Ambani, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, ARE NOT FUND MANAGERS. They are business managers who do a lot of things – many right and some wrong. Obviously they have made a lot of money for a lot of shareholders, but you cannot invest like them. Stop fooling yourself.

If somebody says “I will teach you to invest like Peter Lynch, Naren Sankaran,  Prashant Jain, Nilesh Shah, Sivasubramaniam, or Balasubramaniam….again you have to take it with a pinch of salt.

These are big fund managers and some have a huge advantage of knowing that a HUGE sustainable SIP inflows into their funds everyday  without fail. This gives them a HUGE ADVANTAGE…which you do not have. So if the Hdfc fund manager buys ICICI bank at Rs. 1200, he can sleep tight. He can keep buying at all prices..and say buy at Rs. 300 finding MORE VALUE.

You will never be able to do this. YOU WILL AND SHOULD PANIC. There are many shares which have done down and never came up. Himachal Futuristic, Crest Animation, Indiana Dairy, Shaan Interval, Patheja Forging – the graveyard is full of such corpses.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is also not a fund manager he is a proprietor. He can be in a concentrated portfolio, diversified portfolio, write options, buy futures and options, fund options, do arbitrage, change management, take over management – a fund manager cannot do ALL OF THESE. He is severely limited by his mandate. So no, you cannot be investing like RJ too……

You can invest ONLY like yourself. Not like any of the others mentioned above.

What you can do is learn from each of the above members and apply to your own needs. It is worth learning from WB the ability to think about simple concepts (Peter Lynch also), the fact that they pored over balance sheets, put in the hard work…

You learn from Dhirubhai / Mukesh / Bill Gates – is the audacity to think beyond the common man’s ability to dream

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  1. Rightly said, Subra. Researching and investing post studying is the mantra of WB. With passion and years of hardwork, all these giants can now make the decisions in no matter of time. Common man generally ignores this part.

  2. You are right. We can only learn behavioural traits like patience, discipline, investing for long term etc. from the legends.

    Skill of masters is difficult or impossible to replicate. However we can learn from their behaviour and apply.

  3. Agree with you. Legends become after long long years of research. One needs to learn how they process the data, balance sheets etc. Not what the shares that they pick.

  4. lakshminarasimman

    புலியை பார்த்து பூனை சூடு போட்ட கதை

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