No I am not getting into what Salman Khan did to Ravindra Patil…but just reinforcing some Indianness :

1. If you are a small constable, you should not fight your superiors: Patil spoke the truth. For that he was prosecuted by his own department. The Judiciary hounded him, his family abandoned him, and some people are protected by the law. Heard of Contempt of the Court?

2. Many of RP’s friends must have told him…” sod re..thu kay karnar…zaao de tyala…paishe ge”…he did not listen to his friends. He did not listen to his mother (???) . He spoke the truth. Let us face it…he was a tall and successful. He died a shrivelled man.

4. If you know that you are rich enough to change the accused, the judges, the hearing date (by about 12 years), everything connected with the case….

A top lawyer can charge you Rs. 12 lakhs a day in a country where the Chief Justice’s annual salary is Rs. 12L

Conviction is …well conviction…


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  1. Many vices, when often repeated, especially by the Rich and powerful are accepted as “Norms” by the rest of society.

    OK, this has nothing to with Subra’s post, i just added my own thoughts to his ‘thoughtful’ post.


  2. A salute to Ravindra Patil.
    Did you read mumbaiwalla’s post?

    We keep praising the western system of one rule for all but apney yahan hota hai tab sabki fatki hai.

  3. patil lost his way.

    He filed the FIR, then after 2 years disappeared. Why would be disappear?

    who told him to disappear?

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