In the 1960s MBA was considered as a new degree and was not very popular…and it was just finding its feet. However it very quickly established itself and became popular. And like all popular things people started copying! The IIM was the place where you could do your MBA – but then clones started appearing all over the place. Things came to such a pass that every college, university, business house set up an MBA institute.

Is doing MBA a good option? I think the answer is yes.

Two things have to happen. You should go to a college which has good faculty, and attracts good students. So if you are good enough to get into an IIM A who is to even question “should you go and do your MBA?”. The answer is obvious, is it not? For the not so good / great student the decision is far more difficult to make. Should an ordinary student get into a “d” grade MBA? Again the answer seems to be yes. No, not because they will learn too many things, but because it is almost impossible to get any job with just one basic degree. At least the college allows you to meet potential employers like banks, life insurance companies, fmcg, …these companies would not even have known that you existed. So there are 2 uses of an MBA degree:

– you meet good quality students (many superior to you)

– you meet good professors who have been teaching there for years on end

– you meet corporate India –  who are at your campus with the simple task of recruiting.

So go to a good MBA college – the best that your marks will take you (or what your dad can afford?)

Learn, study, unlearn, re learn…and keep the process on. Learn to organise events, be on committees for various things….and ENJOY!!!!!

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  1. the course seems to open your mind… I went to a school circa 1987 which was B grade but has since slipped, and slipped badly… my class was a good one and I learned as much from the students as from the course. with my first degree I would have been stuck in some analytical lab somewhere.

    the acronym for mba is ” maney badhu avdechey” 🙂

  2. What about doing something you really like ?
    Bill Gates / Larry Ellison / Richard Branson never went to MBA.

    If Thomas Edison Went to MBA school , we all will be STILL studying under kerosene lamp

  3. Engineers have no clue what debit or credit is. For them it helps to get a MBA post graduation. Do not expect this to immediately result in promotions or salary hikes. By applying the knowledge gained, you can get benefited.
    MBA by itself is useless these days. It makes you a non technical person. Engineering graduates are most to loose. They start getting compared with B Com /BSc graduates.
    The cost of doing MBA from a private college is very high. Pl check the starting salaries at the end of your course before you enrol.

  4. @ VIshnu………… The likes of Bill Gates / Larry Ellison / Richard Branson do not even represent.05% of the total population. The above article is intended for the remaining 99.5% people.

  5. Please advise on how to go about with Part time MBA as i don’t have the leisure of taking a full time. Is there any good college you can suggest.

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