When you see a twenty something fiddle with his phone….do not assume he is on FB. He could be reviewing / modifying his/her portfolio.

New technology has made it easy to check / review / fool around with your portfolio. The worry is the amount of nonsense on the net makes sure that they read EVERYTHING. And then try using it.

For example I find them on my blog asking / telling about why they need to book profits in equity funds. After all if the market falls 20%, what happens?

Let me just enumerate the questions:

– if I should not change my portfolio why should I review it? Good question.

– I find that fund A is cheaper than fund B, does that mean fund A is better than fund B? At least the American literature says so. Good show.

– Why can I not file a business IT return myself? why should I go to a CA?

– I can read Pattu sir’s blog and a few other blogs and do my own financial planning. Why go to a planner.

– I have taken 4 term policies from 4 different companies…

– Last year I was in Hdfc Top 200, since it under performed generally I shifted to Icici Pru Discovery.

– I find that Franklin India Bluechip and I pru Discovery have too much in common. Should I stop FIBC and increase contribution to I pru discovery?

These are just some of the investment related questions. Then there are others about direct equity, SIP in stocks, why they do not need life insurance at all….I am sure all this has merit.

However if you do not get the asset allocation, not interrupting the compounding, having adequate moats, rescue boats etc. to help you during bad times, YOU ARE DOOMED.

If an adviser cannot do even this for you, HE IS DOOMED.

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  1. Dear Subra Sir, What is the best way to reach out to you for help? At the ripe young age of 34, I am starting out and wanted to understand if you help out on a paid consultation basis.

    Sorry if this has come out wrong. I just wanted a helping hand.

    I am based out of Goa and understand that we may only be able to do this over the phone/ chat/ email.

  2. When you see a twenty something fiddle with his phone – He could be reviewing / modifying his/her portfolio.

    — anytime, everytime, everywhere on buses, trains, roads,footpaths, office, home and toilets ?

  3. I am 30 something … and find the problem with me and my generation is we cannot sit still.. if we are not doing i.e. planning/modifying/changing we feel inadequate in some way…… some how fidgeting = being gainful…

    I am struggling myself with this more often than not….

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