Investing is like a Marathon not like a Sprint:

This is supposed to mean that in the long run running the full distance is more important than falling dead. One needs to take care of ones health, mind, and a steady, regular investing habit.

Be content to hit singles and twos..every ball cannot be hit for a fourĀ 

Small simple steps will create great wealth, you need not wait for the next Wipro, Facebook, Hdfc or Satyam !!

Stock selection is like Poker. You need to find the right table.

Too many people think that out smarting the market is necessary. That is only in trading (gambling). Not true at all while investing. We all can prosper and benefit at the same time. I need not make money at the cost of somebody else.

The stock market takes the stairs upstairs and the elevator down.

This is actually not true in the long run. Markets go up for much longer periods and are down for much shorter periods. Which is why in the long run the market goes up. So if you see the index has gone up from 100 in 1979 to 29000 in 2015. So clearly not true, but it surely gives us that feeling.

Liquidity in a portfolio is like oxygen.

You notice it only when it is not there. So suddenly if your portfolio is ill-liquid you realize that your asset allocation was wrong.

If all your assets are going up, it means you should be scared.

Obviously. It means you have not diversified enough.


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  1. The stock market takes the stairs upstairs and the elevator down – I see this as the pace at which market goes up and comes down. I think we need to keep this also in mind to keep our emotions in check.

  2. “The stock market takes the stairs upstairs and the elevator down” >> This is because FEAR is a stronger emotion than GREED. Always, everytime, in every stock market, be it BSE/NSE, NYSE, SHANGHAI, this is a common thread.

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