1.Why did you start your blog?

I really do not know. I had a lot of stuff lying in various places. Deepa Gopalan (now Deepa Venkataraghavan) was the then editor of Money Control and she wanted a new writer I guess. She said ‘since you have the stuff, start writing for us. So I started writing for MC. At that stage MC was not very well known and they used to send my article to Rediff.com. I then started writing for and wrote for Indian Express, Economic Times, Business Standard, etc.

Slowly I started doing a column for Money Today – when India Today published a couple of articles. Yahoo finance, Reuters, …etc. are all places where I have written apart from specialist Personal Finance magazines like Money Mantra, …etc.

I needed to create a bank where I could keep my articles and use it whenever the need was felt.

So I started blogging.


2.What do you want out of it?

Again the answer is “I do not know”. I rib, i tease, I make fun of clients, friends, builders, fund managers, investors, IFAs, Insurance companies, Insurance advisers, salesmen, bankers, regulators, etc.

In the process some of you may learn something. If you do, it is nice. I hope to just ask questions, it is for you to find the answers – the Plato way of learning, if you may!!

I tell stories that is nice for you to read, learn and remember. When I teach I tell stories, I get people to tell stories, – I do think that the Indian Gurukulam method of teaching was the best. However since that is no longer the method we need to depend on various forms of teaching. Various forms of learning include websites, seminars, You Tube, Google, Wikipedia, Coursera.org, ,,,. and the like. I do think people like me with a lot of experience in the markets can be of some help for the new comers. Hopefully will help some of the newer investors, students, and the common man who thinks and believes that to make money one should read.



3.What do you hope to accomplish with it?

the jury is still out on this. No, not really expecting to set the world on fire.

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  1. The blog posts reflect the reality that exists. And that’s exactly why I like this blog. All those years of experience that you have condensed into a single website. 🙂

  2. You blog is like a morning tea for me, first thing in the morning at the office is to visit Subra money.It very realistic and practical to me. I have committed myself to read 5 post daily no matter what. i have started investment in mutual fund, equities after going through your blog.

    Thank you for everything that you are doing it to community.

  3. Hello Subra,

    Thank you for your relentless efforts to teach us personal finance and life in general; the unbiased way. It has been a great learning experience for me and I speak for others like me as well.

    Perhaps most of it is resonated through all the comments people leave on a regular basis. Being a regular reader of your blog, I am guilty of not sharing my thoughts as well but wanted to thank you for having this blog up for years.

    Thoroughly enjoy it and hope you keep sharing the valuable nuggets of wisdom.

  4. Whatever may be the reason you blog, your blog truely increases the curiosity and passion in personal finance and that too with the most simplest manner .. EVER..

  5. I came to your blog about two years ago through an article you wrote on Yahoo Finance about saving. On your recommendation, I also started reading Money Mustache’s blog as well. Thank you very much for caring to write and being a life changer for many of us. I was so confused and afraid of share markets before but not since starting to follow your blog, and I’m an investor now in mutual funds.

    “3.What do you hope to accomplish with it?”

    “Changing someone’s life for the better.” This would be an apt answer I think.

  6. THANK YOU SUBRA SIR.. There are very less people who help others without their personal benefit. Well I am very much lucky that i came across your blog and special thanks to Mr. Sanjeev Bhatia who recommended it. I am just a newbie and yet to enter the market. But i make sure that i dont sleep without reading some of your articles. One thing i like the most is the length of your articles are short so a lazy reader like me doesnot get bored. Your articles are not only related to investing but also about various finance related things. Its a GOLD MINE for me … THANK YOU AGAIN.. 🙂

  7. Whatever the reasons it might be for you to blog, I must admit that it is quite addictive for readers. Many of us can’t skip your blog. This blog always has repeat readers and has an exceptional ability to turn first timers into repeat readers.

    Not sure whether you have benefited personally but we are.

  8. Thank God you blog. It’s so refreshing to hear the straight from heart. Questions are asked which make us think , we get glimpse of how others think act on varied topics (Ex Recent Charity article), Runs,Diet ,Marriage etc we get the message Keep it Simple and learn.
    Looking forward to more blog posts.

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