Many people have wondered how to build an investing community. Most of these ‘builders’ would have some motive to build such communities – normally to sell a product or a service.

However, over the past 2 years or thereabouts there has been a silent movement …one of them is Asan Ideas for Wealth.

This is just a Facebook group and does not have an existence outside of FB. (likewise I am an active member of a group called NMR – Navi Mumbai Runners which has no existence outside of FB).

Once Ashal Jauhari started this…Pattabhiraman Murari joined in along with his, members include Uma Shashikant of CIEL and many others in the financial field. Let me add that Pattu has no BFSI connection…he is just a well wisher who is an excel and personal finance enthusiast.

So a few of them got together today at Mumbai (since I cannot name all the volunteers, I do not wish to name anybody)….and did an investment session (1st Feb, 2015). To me it was a chance to meet a lot of new people – and reconnecting with Uma and Amit Trivedi on the same platform after a long time.

Pattabhiraman Murari, Uma, Amit and I generally emphasised a low action portfolio while keeping costs low…

Hopefully the people liked / appreciated the drive towards simplicity.

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  1. Hi,

    I was part of the session today and it was wonderful. Lot of basic concepts one tendsbto forget in the later advanced stages of investment learning which you clearly emphasized.. thanks

  2. I can share my feeling through this couplet only.

    “Main Akela hi Chala the Zanibe Manzil Magar,

    Log saath aate gaye aur karvan banta gaya.”

    English translation for non Hindi-Urdu readers of Subramoney.

    I started walking alone towards the AIM but,
    People kept joining with me and converted it into a procession.

    A big thank to Subra & others to come and share his wisdom with AIFW members.



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