I know it is difficult for many readers to accept that they are poor because they call themselves poor! Have we wondered loud enough about is India poor?

I regularly see articles and advertisement for houses costing Rs. 15 crores (2.5 million US $) – and many of the houses being sold out. Are they in the so called posh areas of the bigger cities like Mumbai / Delhi. Heavens, no.

These flats are on the outskirts – one of them is about 40km from Nariman Point – on the way to Pune!

However, we require a big mind set change – we need to start saying “What can I do to afford it” rather than “We cannot afford it”.

Robert T Kiyosaki can write books, many of us write blogs urging all of our readers to think positive – but ultimately to get rich, you have to do it.

It leads me to the saying “Every journey begins with a thought of doing that journey” – the first step itself  is a second step is it not?

To win, you need to think you can win. To be rich, you first need to think like a rich man…..that is step one.

Start telling yourself – “I can afford to buy this” – then see the world making way for you . Of course you need to try – how to increase your income is a good question. HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW AND WHY?

– Introspect: do you need to study further? get a better job? ask your boss to increase your salary?

-Spend like you can afford it.

– Pay yourself first – I have done many posts on this…

– Believe in the power of uninterrupted Compounding

-Buy what you NEED, not what you need to show off to the world.

All these small things will make a sea of difference to your economic status…….

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  1. as such , positive thinking is backbone not only to be rich, but even to live.
    ‘how to increase your income is a good question. HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW AND WHY?’
    i like to add :
    -think about the strengths of your passion and environment, and whether could it be used for creating income.
    and really ‘“Every journey begins with a thought of doing that journey”
    e.g. somebody living in a village , having passion for taming and nourishing a cow for indian old values’ living, and getting unadulterated organic milk,curd, butter,valona ghee etc. (though not his ancestral business) can use his passion by taming more cows for supplying them to those interested in cities , instead of complaining there is no businesses left in villages. tough, but not impossible.

  2. @bharat. Could you please explain what is organic milk?. Can we call milk from cows, goats and buffallows as organic milk?.

    I am also unable to understand what do you mean by ‘unadulterated organic milk’.

  3. “Spend like you can afford it.”

    “Buy what you NEED, not what you need to show off to the world.”

    Subra, Just Love these two statements.


  4. you of all people are quoting robert kiyosaki???? lmao
    he is rich dad poor dad bankrupt dad ;

    the shyster who recommended and did shady real estate deals (flipping), whose business ventures went bankrupt ??


    point number 2
    To win, you need to think you can win. To be rich, you first need to think like a rich man….

    think and grow rich the famous napoleon hill way. the moron who died broke with zero bank balance who couldn’t even get a $ for the typewriter that he wrote that book on!

    point number 3

    spend like you can afford it should be engraved in your epitaph. it is the worst thing anyone can advise.

    fake it till you make it , think positive, cup is half full is all fake american pop psychology bull shit.

    point number 4

    thinking will not anybody anywhere. it is sustainable action over long periods of time is what counts. reading too many useless american books finance leads to disaster.

    point number 5
    even my illiterate servant maid knows the fact income 8 annas expenditure 10 annas leads to towel on head.

    enough said

  5. @krish
    ‘unadulterated’ means natural, pure without mixing any thing including water, without extracting any thing including fat.
    ‘organic’ means milk of pure Indian Breed Cow eating/grazing natural organic dry and green fodder.The herd managing and milking should be done hygienically,naturally and humanely.

  6. i only have one suggestion to the author.
    please amend your quote to spend only if you really can afford and not think you can afford it

    also you can be happy in a mud hut and be really depressed on that 15 crore house in pune.

    my sincere request to the blogger and readers please don’t follow american rules this spend like you can afford it is dangerous advice.

    there are time tested indian practices and rules about expenditure saving and being satisfied and happy/

    even little things like feeding crow before we eat has got deeper meaning.

    robert kiyosaki is a scam artist, his firms have gone bankrupt, his real estate deals border on illegal. you can google it. take his books and advice as caveat emptor

    To be rich, you first need to think like a rich man quote is from napoleon hill think and grow rich. that guy died as an old beggar and alone

    there is another scam guy dale carnegie who wrote how to win friends and influence people. well, his real name was something else but he took the carnegie name to resemble famous steel industrialist andrew carnegie. main point is his first wife divorced him! (talk about winning friends and influencing people!).

  7. Mr. moronbuffett,

    whatever you said I admitting,gone through lots of such books but there is no enthusiasm after reading such books, but some real time articles like Supra’s post make us to think towards positivity means whatever he writes as on his experience he is writing i feel.


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