Here are some CONTRARIAN suggestions for the new year. Everybody is going to tell you – set goals, chase them, do SIP, ….great listen to them for sure.

Here are somethings that you must do to get a better life – most are self explanatory, but some of us have come too far off from our natural self. So we may not find it so simple:

1. Smile at ONE stranger everyday: It is not easy. Most of us are scared. If you are a 23 year old girl you are scared what the old guy will think. If you are the older guy, you are worried, she will hit you. Still try. Try smiling to a kid. Or a shop keeper. Or a waiter in a hotel. But try.

2. Get MORE rest: It is fashionable to pretend to be busy. Whether you are a CEO or a new mother do not wear it on your sleeve that you are not getting enough rest. Stop kidding yourself. It is your life, you are not here to prove anything. Go get more rest.

3. Get some exercise: Being busy is such a stupid excuse for not getting adequate exercise. One doc told me that BP and diabetes are now starting at 32. If you are more than 32 years of age go and check your body. Many things may show up. Some obvious, others not so expected.

4. Make a list of people to whom you are grateful. Call each one of them, starting now. Or write them a note. Just a nice thing to do. Could be a parent, child, sibling, colleague, friend, schoolmate – if you cannot find any, kick yourself. You have not thought hard enough.

5. Forgiving others is easier than forgiving yourself. So forgive yourself. For not buying that share or selling it too early or not starting investing at age 11 like Warren Buffett. Or for some other mistake of yours….think hard. Then make a list of people whom you are angry with. Call them, and say everything is forgotten. Frankly it is NOT for them, it is for YOUR SOUL which is carrying that burden. Free yourself. It helps.

6. Give up one bad habit. Talking behind people’s back, Gossip, wasting other people’s time (my own time it is my choice), …decide to give up one such habit and concentrate on that. Doable. Will give you tons of peace.

7. Start doing some meditation, learn a new prayer, and decide to read the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, or Chinmayananda, or Dr. S Radhakrishnan. You will learn new and motivating things, AND improve your command over English.

8. Learn a new hobby or a new sport: play the guitar, cycling, swimming, photography, – something that will energize you.

9. Make a list of things that give you immense joy…and keep it in a folder in your head and in your laptop. Even your phone. Remember Maria singing….’I simply Remember my favorite things….and I don’t feel so sad…’ Sound of Music. This should work for you as well as it did for her!!

10. Make a list of persons talking to whom gives you pleasure or great pleasure. Remember it and talk to one such person every week. So make a list of 20 people at least. If you cannot find them, create them. NOW.

10 is nice number to end it….right? Happy New Year….

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  1. happy new year Jitu and Dr. Malpani !! and thanks too! We have complicated our lives too much. The 11th point I wanted to write was sleep alone – leave your digital masters outside the bedroom!! (we are the slaves).

  2. Some resolutions for our country …

    12) I will never keep my mobile for charging throughout the night.
    13) I will never keep my TV, tape etc on standby mode for ever.

  3. Dear Subra Sir,
    Happy new year to you and your family. May you have a healthy and contentful year. And may you keep enlightening us all for many more years to come.

    My special new year resolution : Read Subramoney daily. I thought telling you will be like a promise, so that I strive to keep my promise


  4. At least in the apartment where I stay I would like to add another resolution,

    I’LL NEVER KEEP TAP OPEN WHOLE DAY/NIGHT (which later people label as an ACCIDENT/MISTAKE).

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