Let us go back a few years. About say 100,000 years.

Man had to get his food by hunting. So let us assume that in one tribe of 50 people there were 30 men and 20 women. The men formed say 3 groups of 10 people to go and hunt.

One group returned with a big deer. One group with 3 rabbits. The third group with Nothing.

Now the deer was skinned, rabbits were skinned and cooked. If the third gang wants food – it has to have a fabulous story. The story has to be:

a) captivating

b) believable

c) noble.

So the story has to be…we were chased by a tiger, or we chased a deer..but a tiger caught it, and we could do nothing. Or It was impossible for one of our group members to run as he had fallen ill and had to be attended. ….UNLESS they give a fantastic story, they cannot get any meat.

Sure stories cannot work everyday, but in many cases it can. In some companies you see sales heads who are brilliant in blaming everybody – but getting no sales.

Simple. If a salesman has to eat, he has to bring sales or bring a good story.

This can be applied to many people in many conditions. Results or Story.

Some people even work towards a story.

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