No clue why…but too many of today’s kids want to be an analyst. Do they think that this is the best way to become a fund manager? I know not.

One very big MBA college thought if I taught there, I would help with the placements. Did not happen, I decided not to teach.

Many kids come to me – and they want to be analysts. I have no clue why, and I dare not ask. I am sure they think it is sexy to be a fund manager. So God bless them, and here are what I would suggest that they should do if they are serious about being a good analyst or even a fund manager:

1. Be ready that for 30 years your designation will not change. Once a FM, always a FM – the corpus can increase, but a FM is a FM..

2. Get a nice basic degree – CA is awesome, but an engineering degree backed with Finance is not too bad either.

3. Back up your basic degree with a CFA from the USA. It surely helps.

4. Learn fantastic communication skills: helps in all jobs surely it will help in being a FM or an analyst.

5. Talk, talk, talk to investors, fund managers, research analysts, investors, corporate executives, etc. Understand that investors, suppliers, bankers, auditors, employees and exemployees….Equity research is interesting. Go and have fun.

6. Read, Read, Read – as much as possible…elsewhere in this blog you will find a list of books to read.

7. Ask more, listen to the answers, make notes. Listen with a honest attempt to understand not in a hurry to reply.

8. Read balance sheets and come to conclusions. Make your own report and then READ reports made by other analysts.

9. If you are not a CA, learn to read balance sheets – the unabridged version. It is boring, but a necessity,

there will be a series of posts….i promise. However I will need a reminder…

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