Some life lessons that many people wish that they had learnt earlier…

1. Have no expectations: Expecting from anyone is wrong and almost foolish. It invariably leads to disappointment. Not talking about big things like falling in love with a girl, but even expecting a thank you or an acknowledgement is sometimes burdensome.

2. Power of compounding / Every drop counts: Most people can go back in time and wish that they had not spent some money on something which they never used..and they keep wondering how it would have been if that money was compounded….

3. Starting early in investing.

4. Taking care of their health: ‘I wish I knew the importance of good health..and had not ignored the health habits.

5. Experience cannot be taught, and wisdom is a function of  Time!

6. Spend more time with friends and family and less time doing business.

7. Accumulate lesser things, but accumulate more JOINT experiences with family and friends. Go on a vacation with friends.

8. Take Listening Classes. They are as important as Public speaking classes you took in class 8.

9. Money and Things CANNOT define you. Be yourself. Things are there to simplify life, not control you.

10. Can go on and on…but I wish you add IN the comments column…what is that one thing that you wish you had learnt earlier?

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  1. I wish I had not given my career so much importance, and missed out on experiences like playing with my kids when they were little, spending time conversing with wife, nurturing friendships etc. In the end, we are all expendable. Both, the one who worked 3 hours a day, and the one who worked 15 hours a day. In fact, the 15 hours a day fellow is more likely expendable, as he is likely to burn out and then be thrown out as a consequence of his burn out. The fellow who worked 3 hours a day is more likely to have spent time in a relaxed manner in his own chosen way! This is likely to have kept him relaxed and pleasant, provided he did not while away his money, and his time in worthless habits!

  2. I wish I had understood the concept of reducing risks better and not just increasing return. I didn’t incorporate that in my software and invested in horrible companies like Geodesic and Sel Manufacturing. Good that at the time I didn’t have the website, so only I suffered and not other people.

  3. (More than one thing – apologies)
    Do more “things” for other people.
    Try to reduce importance of the I.
    Won’t power is as important as will power.

  4. 1.I wish. i had know about this site earlier , invested in MF sip and enjoy the compounding.
    2. Take health things seriously.

  5. I wish, i could have started investing in Stock Market after learning and analysing the company (on a fundamental basis), instead of getting in the trap of “Stock Market Tips”.

  6. I wish ,
    1. I would have taken more risk in my career. Got stuck with a big company (with good share but very slow growth) hoping for promotion. The world outside was far happening
    2. I should have share market is long term discipline instead of quick trading games.

  7. — Not talking about big things like falling in love with a girl

    Actually, one should not even expect anything from everybody – be it parents/children/spouse. love included

  8. I wish I had learnt earlier that I was in charge of my happiness and I should not allow events outside my control to impact my happiness. Still learning!

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