I have no clue why the 2 religions – Jainism and Hinduism both very tolerant, soft and claiming to be friendly to animals.

Many Tambrahms and most Jains consume MILK. Milk is easily the worst thing to have – and the way the animals get treated…is really sad…read on…

This is for all my friends who really believe in Jainism –




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  1. By the time these religions were evolving, it was not the case like today. Animals were treated like they were family members and never sold to slaughter house when they become unusable.
    In many villages, still farmers love there animals more than their life (one of my friend in my native village burnt his both hands recently while saving his goat from fire in his house).
    It’s only after commercialization of milk, eggs, meat, etc. that animals started getting bad treatment.

  2. “Animals are harmed during the production of milk, therefore Jainism & Hinduism, both of which contain a large number of milk-consuming vegetarians, cannot claim to be friendly to animals.”
    This is the net logic that this post implies. Just simplified for easier reading. Thankfully the logic inherent in Subra sir’s personal finance is nowhere as miserable as this. Hopefully it remains the case. 🙂

  3. As is obvious, made the comment in the heat of the moment. While the disagreement remains, I’d like to apologize for the rudeness sir.

  4. Surprised to know.. because some people torture the animals for milk production.. jain religion is getting criticized..

    Surprised to have such article from Subra of whom I had been a great believer for personal finance..

  5. Rajesh Kasturirangan

    Thanks for linking to the article that I wrote with Krithika and Smitha. We are not trying to criticize Jainism or Hinduism. Instead, we are saying, let’s be true to the original impulse behind Ahimsa – after all, what would the great Jina, Mahavira, say if he looked at our current treatment of dairy animals?

  6. Rajesh sir, thanks for the link and enlightening us about the situation. There are 2 things here – 1. fact that milch animals are being tortured and it is our duty to ensure they aren’t. 2. However, it is unfair and presumptuous to pass gross generalizations like Subra sir has done here – that because milch animals are affected, Hindus & Jains can’t claim to be animal friendly. It is indeed a disturbing fact that all conscious Hindus/Jains should know and try to act on, but it was presented in a very unfair and immature manner.

  7. Karthik u are so correct. Subra has said all Hindus and Jains are bad, terrible, they eat beef, etc. they EVEN drink milk!! so subra is unfair and presumptuous to pass generalisations like all of them are vegan.

    You are correct. Absolutely correct. However i have not understood what u want to say…Subra has only linked an article…so i think Subra’s website should be banned for ever. Or all Jains and Hindus should boycott the website. You are correct Karthik. Not sure if you are a Jain, a Tambrahm or a Cow 🙂 or a bull…

  8. I am a hindu gujju by birth but a hard core jain by heart.
    I am giving up milk after reading this article. Hope it wont lead to any adverse effect to health. Will google for alternatives.
    Sarve bhavntu sukhina, Sarve santu niramaya.

  9. as i understand ,consuming milk should no be equated meat eating. as such consuming milk by Jains is as old as Abhijit stated when the animals were treated as family members. moreover they are in economic cycle , wherein their extra milk is being used by mankind and in turn, they should be tamed and nourished by mankind.Otherwise they have had to go to slaughter house.This is what Jain Sadhu explained. But now time is changed. still lot of animals are tamed by people in villages , nourished and milked without torturing,and the milk is being lot of people. so one way that economy cycle works, though on smaller scale. of course now time is changed and one may think for changing .

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