I have of course met a lot of mothers, and I do think all mothers are great. Simply great.

However this post is about kids whom I have seen from their first day at work. Smart, ambitious, competitive, go getters.

They put their heart and soul into the job, get good appraisals, get rewards, awards, etc. and at 25 their career is going great guns.

At 26 they get married to a guy with similar qualities. Life is fine.

Then at 27-28-29-30 they become mothers. Then their super sacrifices start.

Not just their jobs….

‘Sir is it possible to get a work from home job?’ anywhere.

Will the same company give me a job in a product design? i could work lesser hours? I am happy to take a 50% cut in salary, but want to keep in touch with my work.

My bank continues to put pressure on me – I reached home at 11 am…thank God my mother in law stays with us. – An authentic statement.

My husband does NOTHING to look after the kid, my mother in law does a lot, but she has her medical problems…Sir I am just slowing down in my career.

I see all the sacrifices coming ONLY from the girls. Yes I realize I will get brickbats from the guys. Our generation was perhaps worse – but the girls making all the sacrifice in 2014 seems unfair.

Corporate India is surely not doing its bit to help the women. Our creches cannot handle a 3 month old kid. So girls who have no local support in a big city have to take a 4 year break. This breaks their career, life style some times their bank, and most times their ego and their backs!!





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  1. This needs attitude change on all twin fronts I think. Corporate and the general populace.

    I see male colleagues not getting support when they want to be at home if their child is ill while a female colleague is wished to perdition for wanting to balance work-life !

  2. Ganesh Ramakrishnan Wish many more people had such a combo of progressive, modern social views and conservative, old-fashioned views on investment! (Tried posting this comment on the blog but keeps giving HTML error)

  3. I strongly disagree with the premise of this article.

    It all depends on the choices and priorities both husband and wife assign and what they do and how they go about it.

    Running around during weekdays and weekdays like a mad dog chasing its own tail without having a clue is the problem.

  4. I reckon you should interview some fathers as well rather than sticking your interviews with mothers…

    We run through all along 10 kms to make sure he had his lunch and start early in the evng so that we can start the other day early…

    Such a hypocrite society.

    Come on and see the world…

    I salute your articles on finance, but i had to condemn such articles which are one-sided.


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