I wrote a piece on ‘Make your own financial plan’ – this appeared on yahoo finance and some of you may have read it. What is amazing is the response that I have got for the same.

Largely saying the following:

– future is uncertain, SO DO NOT PLAN.

– equity markets are too risky, SO KEEP MONEY IN BANK FDs

– for long term requirement buy LIC JEEVAN ANAND.


– mutual funds and ulips are lousy, GAMBLING is an easy way of earning money.

– INFLATION will be high, SO DO NOT PLAN


To me this is a microcosm of India, and am happy with the results so far. When more and more people STAY AWAY from the equity markets, it becomes easier to handle LOWER EXPECTATIONS I guess. I expect only about 12% on my equity portfolio – that looks easy.

Am I sad when I see such people? No, never. To me such people will ensure that the good shares will constantly push the bad shares out of the sensex!

People who buy LIC policies of course are in the bigger bill – their contribution keeps the country running. We need LIC and its bhakts – otherwise supporting the equity market and the debt market will become difficult.

Should you keep all your money in cash – with uncertain markets? Sure if more people keep their money in debt markets or avoid equity or bullion markets, better for people who have invested in the capital markets!

Could go on and on…………..

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  1. This is my first comment on this blog, I am following your blog since a few months.
    Will it be beneficial if more and more people enter the equity markets? Will the returns be better for everyone if more and more people enter the market? I do not know if this is a very basic question, but I had this question going up in my mind for sometime now.

  2. There is a lobby of Agents (LIC/ULIP, and other lousy products) that keeps touting only products they sell. Even I have faced a severe criticism for fooling people (!) when I commented on financial articles published on news sites in favor of equities or against such lousy schemes.
    From the language, girt, determination and explanations that they provided, it was evident that they themselves were sellers of these schemes (mostly LIC). They even recommended some schemes in comments!

    God bless the common man 🙂

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