Hindu Mythology associates all learning with Goddess Saaraswati….read on…

Many people know that Saraswathi (Saraswati) is the Goddess of Learning. Learning of course is important. On google you will find a lot of articles which say “what i learnt from Warren Buffet”, “what I learnt from Peter Lynch” or what I learnt from Rakesh Jhunjhunwala” or “what I learnt from Charles Munger” or “What I learnt from Vallabh Bhansali”. Good learning is always a nice thing, but is it enough?

Many people know that Hanuman is the Guru according to Hindu mythology (for the very philosophically minded, Hanuman caused the Atma (Sita) to join the Parmatma (Ram) – and that is the essence of Ramayana. So you need a Guru to teach you from the learnings of all the great people mentioned above. However is that enough?

Many people know – and many others may not know – that Parvati (Uma) is the Hindu Goddess of Wisdom. Wisdom is about doing what you know. This is the crucial link. Training, Learning is all fine – but for it to translate into action, you need wisdom. That is the crux.

So knowing that compounding creates wealth, living a simple life gives peace, tobacco free, alcohol free, stress free living gives peace is not enough.

Seeking a simple life, doing a simple sip (and sitting tight during turbulent times), having a term insurance, one credit card, IS ABOUT DOING all that you know. That will give you nirvana. So as Nike says, Just Do it.

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