I have said this many times in my blog and many people may be wondering what it means. Let me explain what is a Rich attitude with some characteristics of a person with Rich attitude:

1. They are ‘Santhust’ or ‘Satiated’ with what they have.

2. Being satisfied with what they have does not mean they stop working or stop earning. It is just that their standard of living has nothing to do with their net worth.

3. They buy things that they need, not things that they can afford. So a person who needs to travel 20km on a straight road and travel alone may buy a Nano, but if he has to travel 500km a week to visit his factory on a difficult road, he may buy a Honda CRV and hire a driver.

4. He could own a Merc and the humility to go by an auto if the need arises.

5. He lives for himself, unmindful of what the world thinks about his choices.

6. His money making, wealth accumulation and his regular expenses are not always related. Beyond a particular level of wealth, he is just adding money for his grandson / great grandson. However that does not stop him from slogging his butt to make money.

7. Takes good care of his health, has a good attitude towards spiritual health, mental health and wealth.

8. His children have a lot of his qualities – and if they do not, it does not bother him too much. His ability to live within himself is just awesome.

there could be many…but hey here is a start…

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  1. Hi Subra,
    Great explanation for the rich. It is very easy to have such people amongst ourselves, but fail to notice as they don’t show-off.

    If the society/relatives/friends find such person they call him/her as cheap-stake but they won’t discuss their own money problem or the rat race.

    I am still wondering why finance management is part of school curriculum which is the most needed at all times …

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