I have always felt and said that for every person there are 2 dates of retiring / resigning.  The first day is when they MENTALLY resign/ retire and the second day is when they actually do so.

Recently a few people have retired / resigned and the reasons that they gave me are stunning and quite shocking…here let me share some of the reasons:

1. I know I have another 4 years to go as the CFO of the group, but I did not want to live a life of lies. Everyday I was meeting people and saying “So happy to see you” – a bloody lie. I was not happy at all meeting all those guys. I was just 5 months into this job and everything was terrible. From the composition of the Board of directors, my colleagues, etc…..IT WAS A TERRIBLE MISTAKE, now just correcting it.

2. Subra I am 27 years old if I do not quit this shit job now and do something new, I will feel miserable for the rest of my life. – a CA, male, from a rich background quit an Internal audit job and is wondering what to do.

3. This company is not adding any value to me, to itself or to society. I am moving on to join an NGO at about 1/5th the salary.

4. I am going to try my hand at social entrepreneurship, and my Investment portfolio can feed me for about 10 years….

5. My boss has no nice things to say about me. It hurts my ego…I would rather go down on salary instead of going down to ask him for a raise…

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  2. Recently one of my colleague put in her papers which is very sought after position and people would kill themselves to get into that slot. Even the management was surprised with no prior indication of such decision. She quit half a million dollar job per annum to settle in another country.

  3. After reading your post, I just googled to see what what people do after retirement. The first step for many westeners seems to be – downsizing the house. Most of them feel they could have done better on their savings front!

    Don’t recall where I read this pun – retire is to re-tire. [change gears, change direction, do something, but keep moving.]

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